Welcome To The Black Parade – MCR Original Studio Multitracks (Listening Session & Analysis)

Welcome To The Black Parade – MCR Original Studio Multitracks (Listening Session & Analysis)

Download Mp3 Welcome To The Black Parade – MCR Original Studio Multitracks (Listening Session & Analysis)

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40 thoughts on “Welcome To The Black Parade – MCR Original Studio Multitracks (Listening Session & Analysis)

  1. MCR's copyright owners will allow this video to remain on youtube but there must be consistent use of frequent stops. No one part of the the song in part or in whole can be played without frequent interruptions. This is partially why I stop and comment and sing during and after key sections that I play. If I just play the files, the video will be taken down. Presenting the files in this format with this kind of flow cements the FAIR USE intent which is why it can remain up on YouTube. Along these lines, I can not reveal where or link to the source files or I'll get a takedown notice as well. Giving away content that is not mine to give also falls outside of FAIR USE intent. Thanks for understanding and for enjoying the video! I'm excited for you to hear all the wonderful nuances!

  2. This is the album that makes me leave RnB genre and start to listen this kind of masterpiece music and continue to dive more deep into metal now. Such a talented band will carry on. Great analysis my friend 🤘🏼

  3. at 8:58 I had my first breakthrough on how to do this "angry despaired voice"… 18 mores minutes to go and I feel like I'll learn so much more

  4. — EDIT I will, not now, may when my brain wakes up, re-do this comment —-

    Thats awesome, but… theres no exemples just a little bit… DAMN I'M CHILLIN AND AAAAAAAAAAH – Change in Headset – …music volume up, nice…. AAAAAAAAAH!

    Can't u rise up the line at the side of the tracks, so u can still do the AAAH (thats cool) but do not f my Tympanic membrane?
    Well, all that said and lowing the drama here. Nice vídeo, really.

  5. Incredible explanation and demonstration, stuff like this is always keeps motivating to excercise.
    Thanks a lot, Chris, great work!

  6. The aggression of the guitars bring me to life. Were you able to connect with CLA the engineer of the record or the band themselves to get these? Song still gives me chills today. There's always something new to discover in the track

  7. Is it weird that I can identify which part of the song it is just by looking at the wave forms?

    I might have an addiction to this song…

  8. Hey Chris. HIGHLY recommend doing something from The Mars Volta, Cedric's voice is absolutely amazing, I think in a way his voice is similar to Gerard's as well. The band just came back after a decade as well. Lovely stuff as always!!!

  9. Thanks to your videos, Chris, I keep discovering new music and artists for myself. I wonder how I could have missed this wonderful piece of music and this fantastic performance before. Yes, I could hear a lot of influences here too, but come on, this song is so inspiring on its own!

  10. Yes! Thank you so much for sharing this. I found myself talking to the screen like "ok, now play just the backing vocals bc I've always wanted to hear that better" then you did LOL.

    It's wild to see so many people talking about how talented they are to this day. Amazing video and analysis.

  11. Hey Chris, check out this band called Title Fight. They have great songs and the vocals are amazing from both vocalist, especially from one of the vocalist Ned Russin.

    Great video, man. Keep up the good work 🙂

  12. Here's who plays what:
    Gerard Way on vocals, his brother Mikey Way on bass, Ray Toro on lead guitar & backing vocals, Frank Iero on rhythm guitar, Bob Bryar on drums (left in 2010). And I think either Rob Cavallo or Jamie Muhoberac on piano. Not sure about the horns in the back.

  13. I love how he increasingly sounds angrier as he gets to "to join the Black Parade." Like he's angry about what the "father" is making him do. Being the "savior of the broken" is a heavy burden.

  14. I would love a video on Marilyn Manson's Perfume or maybe Paint You with My Love. Both from his latest 2020 album We Are Chaos.

  15. God, I wish you could do EVERY mcr song! That's 4 albums and quite a few B-sides to go through.

  16. Saw them live two weeks ago in Warsaw! Superb concert 🙂 Thank you for the video and thank you for opening my eyes to nasal resonance. I was BUTCHERING my voice and paying a lot of money for singing lessons for the last few months only to find that this little thing was stopping me from good singing. I also would like to ask if you could analyze some of the Japanese singers. They are super talented and j-rock/j-pop are really cool genres. I would suggest listening to bands like Asian Kung-fu Generation, Kana-Boon, Aqua Timez, SCANDAL, Polkadot Stingray, or L'Arc〜en〜Ciel. Keep up the cool work! 🙂

  17. Chris this is your best video!!! I love this song and albu, as a producer i loveeddddd seeing how this song was produced and mixed!
    highlight is the guitar automation blew my mind!

  18. MCR is my favorite band and Welcome to the black Parade is my favorite song. Thanks you for your analyis and the video! Liked and Subscribed!

  19. Loved every second of this. I was waiting for an MCR analysis. So cool how tight and sometimes loose he sings

  20. Wolves at the gate's eclipse album. YOU PICK THE SONG! Thank you for helping with my voice! Certain notes of mine are condemned to a little rasp and can't do clean on those certain notes. Please consider this album

  21. This is absolute GOLD Chris!!! I 100% agree with the comparison to Queen, nothing short of brilliant indeed! Thank you for this!!!

  22. Hey man I don't mean to be off topic of the video, but there's this kid named kobeh on YouTube who does Nirvana covers and his voice is extremely gritty like nothing I've heard before. Check out the drain you cover, the scream is crazy. But I cant seem to get enough air through and I feel like I'm taking a deep breath and letting it go and it's rattling and scratching my throat but I'm still getting that compression stomach feeling. Needless to say I would really like to know how to scream in this style of kobeh because it's a little more gritty and gross than Kurt's imo, but I'm hurting myself and get vertigo from air shortage lmao but yes that would be amazing if you could help me


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