Top Gun Maverick OST | Original Soundtrack

Top Gun Maverick OST | Original Soundtrack

Download Mp3 Top Gun Maverick OST | Original Soundtrack

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Upload Date : 2022-06-13 22:00:23
Duration : 00:38:57
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Here is the Official Soundtrack from Top Gun Maverick (2022). The original music by Harold Faltermeyer, Lady Gaga and Hans Zimmer.

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Composers: Harold Faltermeyer, Lady Gaga and Hans Zimmer

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46 thoughts on “Top Gun Maverick OST | Original Soundtrack

  1. 0:00 Main Titles (You’ve Been Called Back to Top Gun)

    2:30 Darkstar

    5:31 Great Balls of Fire (Miles Teller Live)

    7:27 You’re Where You Belong / Give ‘Em Hell

    13:12 I Ain't Worried

    15:41 Dagger One is Hit / Time to Let Go

    20:47 Tally Two / What’s The Plan / F-14

    25:19 The Man, The Legend / Touchdown

    32:03 Hold My Hand

    35:48 Top Gun Anthem

  2. This movie made me want to cry. No joke. It's about time Hollywood produced a real movie, a movie we all can be very proud of. This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. It was so great that it actually made me sad. We need more movies like this! The soundtrack, the movie, the storyline & the character Maverick was super deep. I'm 38 years of age & this movie here is the best I have ever seen.

  3. Good music, even better movie and amazing emotions! Perfectly made story continuation! Loved it!

  4. The thing about this movie is that this is what America and be American is 100% about. As I'm crying writing this. I love the old us the one that didn't talk about dumb shit. The ones that was all together before Obama started separating us all. Before the media started feeding us propaganda. The US that loved everyone.

  5. Colonna sonora pazzesca, peccato che il film si è rivelato la solita americanata megalomane nonché surreale.

  6. Not me wanting to be a US Navy aviator after watching this movie… I'm not even American but that at the bottom of the list of reasons why it's never gonna happen lol 😂

  7. I have always wanted to become a fighter pilot. But I was never successful. I would have given the air force the rest of my life flying jets. Having applied 6 times to no avail, all I got was becoming a crew chief.

    This movie totally blew me away and got me emotional cause this was seemingly the closest I could get for now to becoming a fighter pilot, I have already seen it 3 times and i might just go for a fourth tomorrow. This is now my favourite movie of all time. Thank you to everyone involved in this movie!

  8. Vi la película de top gun 1 y top gun maverick…según mi criterio y el de muchos es la que la está rompiendo en taquilla…además el actor que interpreta a pete mitchell (maverick) Tom un tremendo actor que traspasa su actuación llevando al límite sus azañas sin usar dobles a su edad..lo cual lo hace más destacable aun…ahora a esperar la saga de misión imposible 7…los invito si no han visto esta super producción háganlo…yo llore de emoción y eso es lo que quiere tom cruise quiere lograr…y lo logró…si tuviera que evaluar el trabajo de este actor y todo el equipo es de un 7 nota chilena…aunque merece más aún…tom entrega no 100% a su papel sino 2000% logrando esto…una obra maestra

  9. It's the best film of this era and the collection of all 21st century film industry technologies

  10. I wish they still had the song from the 80s "Watching in Slow Motion"…that was so iconic.
    Loved lady Gaga's song though

  11. 범죄도시2도 물론 재미있는데 탑건매버릭과는 비교대상이 될 수가 없다고 봅니다

  12. getting drunk while listening to this song is so fire, it legit inspires you to become a better version of yourself, never give up please people, fight for what you love and appreciate every minute in life

  13. I flew Tactical Fighters for my Country at age 20 , many years later I retired as an Airline Captain …
    But those young times were The Most Intense and Fantastic of my life !
    Thanks Captain Maverick !

  14. アメリカでは、州によってヘルメットを被らなくてよい州も有るみたいですが、日本の様に公道では被らなくては行けない法律にしてもらいです、自分の元同僚が自分の働く敷地内でノーヘルでそんなにスピードも出ていないのに亡くなってます、要は打ちどころ悪いと原チャリでもリッターバイクでもヘルメット被ってないと死んじゃいます、逆に平忠彦の様に200Kオーバーでコケても装備が完璧だと軽傷で済む場合もあります、頭、首、脊髄を守る事は大事だと思います、撮影シーンではノーヘルも仕方がないと思いますが、我らがスーパースターにはプライベートでは是非ともヘルメット装着でバイクを乗って欲しいです。

  15. I live on the island where most of it was filmed, NASNI, Naval Air Station North Island. People had a lot of great experiences here when he was filming. Some not so much but I can see how you are there in the Navy and not happy you can't do a meet and greet. After the 1st film it was cool when I moved to San Diego to visit the places they filmed. Nobody would ever live where Viper did but it was neat to see it. Now Charlie's house has been moved and is a pie shop with the motorcycle out front.

  16. 저는 이영화 이음악을 너무 사랑합니다ㆍ모두 행복한 하루 되시길 바랍니다

  17. Everything about this movie is perfect, pure cinema. I wish the music that played during the birdtstrike scene was in the soundtrack because that was so tense.

  18. Watched it twice. Absolutely brilliant movie and love the Gaga and Zimmer collaboration rendition.

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