TOP 10 ALTO SAXOPHONE Players of all Time (Classic Jazz)

TOP 10 ALTO SAXOPHONE Players of all Time (Classic Jazz)

Download Mp3 TOP 10 ALTO SAXOPHONE Players of all Time (Classic Jazz)

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My top 10 greatest, most influential and must know alto sax players of all time.
Not in any order: Charlie Parker, Sonny Stitt, Cannonball Adderley, Johnny Hodges, Benny Carter, Jackie Mclean, Phil Woods, Lee Konitz, Paul Desmond, Ornette Coleman

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46 thoughts on “TOP 10 ALTO SAXOPHONE Players of all Time (Classic Jazz)

  1. Can't believe John Coltrane and Kenny G didn't make the cut. Kenny G is probably THE MOST INFLUENTIAL saxophonist ever.

  2. I was in full agreement until you got to Konitz who is great, but Art Pepper is in that spot for me. I like Ornette and Dolphy a lot too.

  3. What are your thoughts on Grover Washington Jr.? I love his style, and Mister Magic stands out as my personal favorite sax solo

  4. Jay. This video is priceless. WOW. What an education and inspiration for me with my Alto Sax. Such talent rises above and is forever, like great art and architecture that lives to eternity. Thanks for the ride.

  5. Desmond had the most identifiable tone and sound. In fact, only Acker Bilk and Coltrane have had an equally instantly identifiable timbre. Great educational service here! Cheers!

  6. Any listing of this sort is incomplete without Eric Dolphy. Maybe it's just an oversight by the presenter!

  7. I wonder how many hours a day BIRD would practice, man what a GENIUS! Gone way tooooo young. So freakin INCREDIBLE.

  8. Been Listening to JAZZ All My Life Since 1963 . I'm Not Going to Argue With You . Dead On Man !!!

  9. Louis Jordan is a 'fun' sounding player. I feel like that's an overlooked component.
    It Ain't Got a Thing if it Ain't Fun
    Bill on Alto and Baritone

  10. I’m not really sure if I would even say alto saxophonist his identity seems to be more bass clarinet, but Eric Dolphy strikes a really interesting middle between Ornette Coleman’s complete lack of tonality and hard bop alto saxophonists like Jackie McLean, your thoughts Jay? Also, MAKE A BARI ONE !!!

  11. Ever heard a musician whose style of play is so distinctive, so intricate, no one can clone it?
    The rhythm, pulse, nuance, and emotion of Maceo Parker makes him one of the most ORIGINAL altoists of all time.
    Definitely list worthy

  12. Thanks for sharing Jay! I've now connected the master/protégé links that have exisited among some jazz greats, wow!

  13. In Alien out of this world category I nominate Earl Bostic ☄🎷
    I would love to see you do a video on Earl Bostic 🙏

  14. I have always loved the sound of the sax. I acquired one recently by accident, an old Bundy in nice shape, but it sure looks intimidating with all those valves. it's looks like a maelstrom of complication. There's no sound when i blow into it. Im guessing it needs a reed.

  15. Great selection! I’ve been getting into Scott Hamilton along with Andrea Motis as he’s pretty smooth as well. Thanks for your Video. I’m going to purchase my first ever Sax 🎷 in July from Amazon as your video Persuaded me in that direction. Glad to be a part of your channel. Great stuff!! Thanks and have a great day!

  16. Someone mentioned Eric Dolphy, which reminds me of a great player who was a musical, if more mainstream, compatriot of Eric. Oliver Nelson is sometimes overlooked as a phenomenal player because of his arranging-composing ability. But he brings the same ebullient spirit and sense of order to the improvised solos he lays down. Besides his classic session "Blues and the Abstract Truth" (which employs Dolphy), Oliver recorded at least 2 other albums of himself with Eric Dolphy,–both free-swingin', jam-session formats–but like Stitt, Oliver could be counted on to reach near-perfection on every take–solos with a beginning, middle and end, most with driving climaxes. I confess I'm a bit surprised–and disappointed–that he apparently never arranged a similar session with his friend Phil Woods.

  17. We may not all agree on who should be on the list. Suffice it to say there is no one on your list undeserving of the distinction you have given them. I have many tapes with many of the artists you mention here. I really love Paul Desmond on Take Five. He and Dave were hypergolic together. Paul eventually went on his own to produce some wonderful albums. Always great when a musician can speak to a non musician in understandable terms. Well done Jay!

  18. Thank you for including the beautiful and inspiring Sonny Stitt right behind Charlie Parker in your list of the greatest alto saxophonists. I would love for you to include Sonny Red, Sonny Criss and Charles McPherson in your next edition of the greatest alto players.

  19. I was disappointed not to here Oliver Nelson. Along with Cannonball, one of my favorite alto players.

  20. I am not a musician but a jazz enthusiast and this is priceless master class.. Thank you

  21. Hey there– I am interested in learning the sax, I'm a violist and have 0 experience outside of strings and keys! I thought I would start with the best of the best 😊 thank you for making this!

  22. I will be a beginner I learned how to ride a motorcycle all by myself I'm looking forward to this challenge and I think I will conquer it completely gettin the band back together what band I don't know but if I blow it And not blow it they will come.

  23. Can I play deep tones and deep saxophone music with an alto saxophone using the right reads and the right mouthpieces

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