Straight Story Soundtrack – Laurens Walking

Straight Story Soundtrack – Laurens Walking

Download Mp3 Straight Story Soundtrack – Laurens Walking

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Upload Date : 2009-04-06 06:36:59
Duration : 00:04:14
Source : YouTube

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A nice theme to the great movie, by Angelo Badalamenti, who when he puts his mind to it, can produce some seriously good stuff like this. This is relaxing , and used in the movie when poor old Alvin is slowly chugging through the Iowa cornfields. I dont own it, like i said, Angelo Badalamenti. .

26 thoughts on “Straight Story Soundtrack – Laurens Walking

  1. Just watched this movie for the first time, in 2022. When I heard this theme, I immediately understood that it would be one of my favourite Lynch's movies. A masterpiece, so beautiful and melancholic.

  2. Full soundtrack of this movie is beautiful. This is my best favourite song from it. I love it 🙂

  3. Maybe it's my favourite Movie of all time. And it's just about an old man traveling to see he's brother.

  4. Bellissima colonna sonora per un film straordinario da guardare con la bombola d'ossigeno. Capolavoro.

  5. One rarely comes across such a balanced piece of bittersweetness. This is it. It's perfect. I only wish it would be on Spotify. I'd put it in my favorite list. 💗

  6. This song is the incarnation of autumn and harvest. Every year, when the corn is harvested at our place, I run it.

  7. Azt hittem, majd együtt nézzük meg és ki kell járkálnom wcre, h ne lásd a könnyeim. Hát most mutatnám bazdmeg de már nem vagy rá kíváncsi:)

  8. I”m now watching the story in the Netherlands on a Belgium television channel … it”s nice to watch specialy how those old vetrans spoke about the Second World War …we are still very thankfull for all the Liberators “45 in the Netherlands.. every year we honor them

  9. I just finished this movie about an hour ago, and may I say my jaw is still dropped as I type this. This was one of the only Lynch movies I didn’t want to see because since it was produced my Disney I assumed that he didn’t have much artistic control over it and that it would be terrible. But nope, it is perhaps one of the most unique, tearjerking, and bold pieces of filmmaking I’ve ever come across.

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