Seeburg 1000 Background Mood Music Library 16 2/3 RPM Record- M7B Place In Use 7-1-1964

Seeburg 1000 Background Mood Music Library 16 2/3 RPM Record- M7B Place In Use 7-1-1964

Download Mp3 Seeburg 1000 Background Mood Music Library 16 2/3 RPM Record- M7B Place In Use 7-1-1964

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Seeburg 1000 Background Mood Music Library 16 2/3 RPM Record- M7B 7-1-1964

Seeburg put out their famous Seeburg 1000 background music system starting in 1959, lasting until 1986. This system utilized special background recordings pressed onto nine-inch, 16 2/3 rpm vinyl records, each with a two-inch center spindle hole. These were designed to be played on a special record player that could hold twenty-five records and play both sides before moving onto the next record in the stack, rotating through them in a cycle. The idea was that you would have heard at least 1000 tunes by the whole stack was completed. Given that the average side is about forty minutes long, eighty minutes per record, twenty-five was more than enough to go the entire day and some without repeat.

The records in each machine were initially rotated in sets of seven records quarterly, with the frequency of replacement sets decreasing to bi-annual replacement sets. The number of active records per Seeburg 1000 unit was bumped up to twenty-eight in the late 1960s.

Seeburg background records were issued on subscription, and all of them were supposed to be returned to Seeburg to be destroyed after they were rotated out. However, many of them still made it to the present, for they are akin to all those V-Discs from WW2, which were not supposed to survive past the war but are still around as a hot collector’s item. One can expect to pay around ten to twenty dollars per disk if one wishes to own one of these records these days.

There was a series of “libraries” that offered the subscriber various “flavors” of music. The Mood series was made for restaurants and upscale establishments; it was as lush and posh as possible. The Basic series was a little more upbeat but mostly made for shopping malls and supermarkets. The Industrial series was made for factories and was typically upbeat and rather varied; by the 1970s, there was Disco. Disco eventually made it into the mix on the Industrial and Basic (also known as Lifestyle after 1979) lines.

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