Robin Zander – In This Country (Over The Top soundtrack)

Robin Zander – In This Country (Over The Top soundtrack)

Download Mp3 Robin Zander – In This Country (Over The Top soundtrack)

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Upload Date : 2011-05-17 01:09:51
Duration : 00:04:24
Source : YouTube

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47 thoughts on “Robin Zander – In This Country (Over The Top soundtrack)

  1. If my son ever reads this daddy loves you Kaede Davis being a dad is hard and trying to steer you in the correct path is always difficult.

  2. In this country we accept the the fleeing world from their own country’s with tax dollars. I’m ready for another 1776

  3. I love the song and the ending of the movie will forever remain one of my favorite cinema scenes ❤️

  4. When i was young (about 13y) this song was just good Soundtrack to a great Stallone Movie. Nowadays it means so much more to me. Met my daughter 5 Years ago since 17 Years. She now is 22 Years old- The reasons why we have not seen each other are similiar to that in the Movie. I remember crying some tears at her when she was a few days old, because i knew what will happen…… 5 years ago… after 17 Years!!!…. we met again, now we are one Heart and Soul. Its amazing how we are the same 🙂 The parralells to the Movie are so great, to see what happened in real life. When i see that Video its hard not to cry, most timea i cry 😀 But lucky that are tears of joy now 🙂 Every Dad should try to get to know his child!!! Dont give up!

  5. Bellissimo film troppo bello canzone stupenda. 🤜🤛👍💯❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. such a timeless song and a timeless movie i’m only 15 years old and i love to play this song on long road trips across the country and seeing beautiful trucks just like in the movie!!

  7. 明日への勝利⭐︎

  8. Stallone nazionale non si passa quest’uomo mi ha cresciuto senza sapere chi sia grazie idolo di noi ragazzi degli anni 90 ….. sempre al top

  9. Нет ,больше и важнее Победы той ,чем Победа над самим собой !

  10. Sensacional cara,não tem nem o que falar.
    Esses filmes dos anos 80 são espetaculares.
    Stallone é uma lenda.
    Olha a trilha sonora.
    Jamais haverá algo parecido.
    A motivação desses filmes,os valores,cara é fantástico.

  11. Mój tato nie żyje 10lat ale jest w moim sercu nigdy nie zapomnę wspólnych zabaw i chwil spędzonych razem meczów unii Leszno obejrzanych razem i zapachu pieczonych ciast

  12. A great song for a great movie one of Sylvester Stallone's best and a film that doesn't get the respect it deserves

  13. I want this orchestra version to this song like the movie in the beginning. Anyone know how I can get it ?

  14. Winterswijk ik met Hietmet samen in een zware vechtpartij 🥊geloof ik pak hem zij is van mij 🥊

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