Radiohead – OK Computer + The Bends – Live NYC 1997 (Full HQ Video)

Radiohead – OK Computer + The Bends – Live NYC 1997 (Full HQ Video)

Download Mp3 Radiohead – OK Computer + The Bends – Live NYC 1997 (Full HQ Video)

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Upload Date : 2018-05-09 22:24:16
Duration : 01:44:39
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39 thoughts on “Radiohead – OK Computer + The Bends – Live NYC 1997 (Full HQ Video)

  1. I do not know if their best set list ever, but their best live concert ever recorded. I fall in love with this band because of this show back in 1997. I have been in nine of their shows since 2008, and would change them all for just one of the OK computer Era, especially this one.

  2. I saw this same show in Boston the that summer….. AMAZING. Best show I’ve ever seen…. Bar none

  3. went to glastonbury 1997. kiwi living in London. Best muddy few days of my life! Radiohead are one of the greatest bands ever……. for me anyway!!

  4. How cool would it be to play guitar for 2 hours, and never dropping a bollok- once!…. 🙏🙏👌

  5. I saw this show. Loved Let Down and was blown away by The Tourist at the end. Does anyone remember Thom drinking a bottle of wine onstage and hitting a note at the end of a song and holding it forever as he walked off the stage? Blew my mind.

  6. oh my, where were you huh, 97.. the last days of our happiness, the new ghastly century about to rear its Orwellian head. Here, the boys from Oxfordshire killing it in NY playing the tracks from the greatest album of my life, OK is surely most purists top 5 album. Paranoid Android rises high, not even Jane Seymours mansion studio where they recorded it could match this onslaught. It must have been one of Yorkes greatest nights, young, at their very best. Its a glorious upload. Thanks from the spirit of 97.

  7. It's fine to upload it, but please include a disclaimer about the horrible quality in the Headline.

  8. im sure they're more interested in what they are producing now, but what a tour that was. Unforgettable gig in Brighton, England for me.

  9. Is there any video recording of the "private" show that Radiohead did just after releasing OKC with special guests from R.E.M, U2, etc…?

  10. 0:56 Fitter Happier
    2:55 Airbag
    7:42 Karma Police
    12:03 The Bends
    16:27 Exit Music (For A Film)
    21:24 Talk Show Host
    27:10 Subterranean Homesick Alien
    31:50 My Iron Lung
    37:26 Climbing Up The Walls
    42:26 Lucky
    47:11 Planet Telex
    51:55 Bulletproof…. I Wish I Was

    55:47 No Surprises

    59:35 Bones

    1:02:58 Just

    1:07:34 Paranoid Android

    1:14:05 Fake Plastic Trees

    1:19:45 Let Down

    1:25:23 Street Spirit (Fade Out)

    1:31:10 Electioneering

    1:35:00 Nice Dream

    1:39:35 The Tourist

    Here you go…

  11. Love hearing Ok computer tracks from 97 when they were fresh from the studio. Thank you, rock junior raises glass

  12. Wow! They played all of OK Computer and every song on The Bends except Black Star and Sulk, which they barely played live during The Bends Tour anyway, and High And Dry which they hated by this point. Excellent show.

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