Powerful Massive And Dramatic Neo Classical Violin Music – The Demand of Man

Powerful Massive And Dramatic Neo Classical Violin Music – The Demand of Man

Download Mp3 Powerful Massive And Dramatic Neo Classical Violin Music – The Demand of Man

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29 thoughts on “Powerful Massive And Dramatic Neo Classical Violin Music – The Demand of Man

  1. I NEED this for a trailer… All royalties to u, and all that shit. This is so fitting for a current situation I have. I'll do it, and ask for forgiveness later.

  2. A “ from my character from a RP sever.

    “Sometimes you need to get away from all of your problems, and come back stronger.”

  3. folk of the past aeons.. may not have had literacy and communicated with others with some difficulty.. but they had the Power of Symbols.. this made them more literate than most people alive now.. since Symbology is the language of the Mind
    just like Chronology was revived to replace the propagandist biased mistake that was 'history'.. so too, is the Art of Symbols a dimensional leap Back to Zero Hour (when Heaven Reich created Symbols, like '0')
    the same way "literacy" the script of describing notions and ideas in a durable Visible way.. was just a Fall from Zero Hour to Divisiveness (a symbol of Falling out of the Zero Hour symbol, "When Time Was Conquered" and the Past was Understood / Seen)
    since the more units a number reflects, the less united and pure the value held therein.. becomes
    O holds the "Whole" the "Origin".. 1 is a subjective Division or Fraction ("Unit") of that Original Whole (which can be any volume or mass or weight or concept or quality)
    2 is further chaotic division.. and 9 is maximum complexity but also Chaotic Division.. it is the Perfect Fall.. From Grace
    this is why masons worship it.. satanists hate the Zero Hour.. and the Prophecy of The Event it reflects.. that cancels out their Nihilism..

  4. the Revelation that we are not "of lower, basic dimensions".. failing to climb into some higher dimensions (that don't even exist).. reveals the direction of how the Fall of Man is projected.. we see the base dimension as a 'mistake' to abandon.. grow out of.. When. It. Is. Precisely. The. Heaven.We.Must. Return. To..

  5. is it free to use or does it have a copyright , i wanna use it on a youtube video can you please suggest >>???

  6. "Lend me your hand. Follow my lead. And I shall show you the light." Starts off as a bright and loved character who wants to carry the burden of eradicating all crime because he believes he is the only one who can and because he doesn't want anyone else to suffer the same fate as him when he was a child.

    Literally burns everyone alive in book 3, and "light" is the last thing they see before they die. Has become a dictator. Has lived too long to become the villain in his own story. Everyone wants him dead but are too afraid to resist.

  7. "You need people like me, So you can point your fingers and say thats the bad guy"

    Antonio Montana

  8. It should never be believed that life, liberty and happiness will just fall from the sky, everything is rooted in one's own will, in one's own labor

    — Uncle Addy

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