Naruto Shippuden OST – Kodoku (Loneliness) Extended

Naruto Shippuden OST – Kodoku (Loneliness) Extended

Download Mp3 Naruto Shippuden OST – Kodoku (Loneliness) Extended

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Naruto Shippuden OST 1 Track 13 – Kodoku (Loneliness) Extended

Composer: Takanashi Yasuharu
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23 thoughts on “Naruto Shippuden OST – Kodoku (Loneliness) Extended

  1. This sound track is very good for thinking about your life’s pain and endless suffering this world brings you through years

  2. Bro… I'm listening to this entire playlist for a while. This is my ticket to escape from reality.

  3. 2022 and still listening to calm myself idk why but is this the only song out there that calms us down and realize life is short who else feel that ? Please like ❤️

  4. "Baby brother, your pathetic. If you want to kill me, settle for hating me… Hate me and live like the coward you are! Clinging to life without honor!!"
    At first, itachi was a chick in the dark night yet to leave the nest, when he realized what the shinobi life was like when he went to the battlefield of the 3rd great shinobi world war, with fugaku. When he saw the mountains of bodies as far as the eye could see, none at peace. The corpses had stiffened, with twisted faces of agony. Itachi was trembling. He was trying to hold in his tears. "In a few years, you'll be a ninja too. This war might end, but the reality of the ninja does not change. This is the world you will step into" says Fugaku, itachi's father. It wasn't that itachi was scared. It wasn't that he was sad. An emotion he couldn't put into words surged within him. He didn't understand why, but he felt such a tightness in his chest, he could hardly stand it. (Itachi thinks to himself) "Not one of these people had wished for death. And yet they had all died. Why? …. because of the war." "Father" itachi said. And then, for the first time he realized he was shaking. Not because of the fear of corpses. Not because the chill of the rain. Rage made itachi shake. "Why did you bring me here…" His father was silent for a while. "You're a clever boy itachi" Fugaku's eyes still turned to the corpses. Itachi felt a warmth on the top of his head. "I wanted to make sure you saw this reality." says Fugaku. Itachi was only four. he didn't understand the difference between realty and fiction. Even so, he grasped the meaning of what his father was leavening unsaid. "This is the world i will live in…"
    "Thats right, itachi. Ninjas are creatures that fight. Never forget what you've seen here today." His father's voice led him to rub his eyes. He burned the hellscape before him into his retinas so that he would never forget it.
    This hell might have been the world he was to live, but he had no intention of sitting back and simply accepting it. (Itachi thinks to himself)
    " I will change it!!"
    " I see both the side of the clan, and the village."
    Then Itachi became a brilliant young bird, unaware of the stillness that follows the night. As he trained with shisui.
    Then he was a jet-black bird, shuddering at the lamentations of its brethren writhing in the moonlit night.
    Oh Itachi, you pretty much layed out the story of Naruto with Sasuke and all. It must have been so hard to choose what he was to do, the village, or the clan. We love you itachi.

    The will of fire will live inside of you itachi! ❤‍🔥

  5. do not think of itachi's life as a waste, but more of a sacrificial tool to saving konoha….

    his bond tied us in the most emotional way possible, but bonds will always come and go….

    – the best uchiha of them all, itachi

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