Michael Jackson – The One (DVD)

Michael Jackson – The One (DVD)

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Michael Jackson The One is the DVD release of a CBS special that aired in January 2004. Released by Epic Records, it includes interviews with other celebrities about Jackson’s influence on music and pop culture, and also contains clips from Jackson’s previous music videos.
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I’m not the owner of this video, all rights belong to Sony and The Estate of MJ .

41 thoughts on “Michael Jackson – The One (DVD)

  1. Holy crap
    Don't stop till you get enough video Micheal had more weight and more hair, but the concert footage he looks like he hasn't eaten food for days!!!

  2. Amazing documentary this is how you do one dan and not that bullcrap on HBO thank you for sharing a wonderful documentary much love 👑💞👑💞👑💞🌹🥰💯💯

  3. This is one of the best docs on MJ because it shows his enormous capabilities as a dancer REALLY well. I only wish it had included his 1988 Grammy performance of 'Man In The Mirror.' God bless you, Michael. Your true talent was your enormous faith in yourself, and your heroic determination to maximize the gifts God so abundantly blessed you with, in a ceaseless effort to entertain, inspire and elevate mankind.

  4. This is kind of bizarre I'm watching this and suddenly MJ is on the radoo with 'will you be there' and it's giving me chills.
    All eyes will always be on Michael Jackson positively, globally because he was a unique messenger.

  5. I haven't heard and felt more passion in any other singing voice than Michael's voice.

  6. 9:47 look at how much you've learned and how far you've come with mj, in 2 years, imagine anything else, you probably can do it all.

  7. When I first heard billie jean I was 3 years old it was on da radio I loved it dats when I fell in love love wit him bc I had already loved him I use to dance around wit his songs now I’m his child 🥰

  8. True dat is how u get da gurls is puttin on Michael dats how sumone got me🥰I love them for them

  9. I feel this is the only documentary that really showed Michael in a good light & literally only celebrated his musical genius!

  10. I just found out this was on Youtube. I must confess I'm totally in love. Btw! Amazing quality

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