Kavinsky – Nightcall (Drive Original Movie Soundtrack) (Official Audio)

Kavinsky – Nightcall (Drive Original Movie Soundtrack) (Official Audio)

Download Mp3 Kavinsky – Nightcall (Drive Original Movie Soundtrack) (Official Audio)

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Upload Date : 2011-09-21 19:21:20
Duration : 00:04:17
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Kavinsky – Nightcall (feat. Lovefoxxx)
Produced by Kavinsky & Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (Daft Punk), and mixed by SebastiAn


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29 thoughts on “Kavinsky – Nightcall (Drive Original Movie Soundtrack) (Official Audio)

  1. Plays on my heart strings, as well as a a beautiful piece of art to drive to. Frankly I'd like to hear it without lyrics. Dreamy…🌺

  2. My favourite song on a long long journey I have started thanks guy's 😊💞😉🤠👑👑👑💕🤩😻 meow

  3. this song reminds me of a movie "The Wraith" , starring Charlie Sheen, from 1986. One of my father's favourite movies, its a story about a boy who was killed in a street race and come back as a ghost to avenge him, and he come back to his girl 💔. when my father told me about the movie and when i heard the song i started to cry because that movie has special place in his heart and this song has a special place in my heart.

  4. Who still listening to this in 2022 bc I know I am I love this song the best I listen to this with my AirPods fool blast and fall sleep with the song playing all night that’s how good it is 🤍🖤💙🤍💙🤍

  5. this is good to me right now in this moment
    so many things to feel without ways to describe ..frfr

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