How to sing Dancing Queen by ABBA | Harmony Tutorial & Sing Along

How to sing Dancing Queen by ABBA | Harmony Tutorial & Sing Along

Download Mp3 How to sing Dancing Queen by ABBA | Harmony Tutorial & Sing Along

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Hi! My name is Justine Sounds. In this Harmony Game, I’ll show you how to sing in harmony “Dancing Queen” by ABBA and you can practice it:
1. WITH ME First, I’m showing you only one voice so you’re not disturbed with all the other parts. You can easily listen to it, memorize it and sing it with me.
2. SING ALONE Second step it’s probably not so satisfying but it’s essential to reach our goal. Before you’ll start singing in harmony you have to be sure you can sing it on your own. Without any help and getting lost.
3. IN HARMONY In the final step, you’re ready to practice it with all the other voices. Maybe it’s not gonna be easy at the very beginning but you’ll see how rewarding it is. It’s an amazing feeling to harmonize.

I recorded the whole song 🎤 ▶︎

Piano Instrumental by Justine Sounds 🎧

Production & Video Edit 🎬 🎥 Justine Sounds

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00:00 INTRO
00:46 DEMO | Listen how it sounds
02:20 How it works?
03:10 LESSON
04:04 VOC1 ________________
05:06 VOC1 | Sing with Justine
06:40 VOC1 | Sing alone
08:13 VOC1 | Sing in Harmony
09:45 VOC2 ________________
10:18 VOC2 | Sing with Justine
11:52 VOC2 | Sing alone
13:25 VOC2 | Sing in Harmony
14:58 VOC3 ________________
15:27 VOC3 | Sing with Justine
16:35 VOC3 | Sing alone
17:42 VOC3 | Sing in Harmony
18:49 VOC4 ________________
19:25 VOC4 | Sing with Justine
20:12 VOC4 | Sing alone
20:59 VOC4 | Sing in Harmony
21:45 Ending

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43 thoughts on “How to sing Dancing Queen by ABBA | Harmony Tutorial & Sing Along

  1. Hi, thank you for video and your work to help us learn the vocals in songs.Would you be kind to show the vocals in song “Chiquitita”, please…

  2. This is amazing. I love it. Do you think you could do California Dreamin by the Mamas and the Papas? Great work.

  3. Congrats… quite good and great singer urself. Not only u nail the harmonies perfectly but the method is so good for us to learn and do the sing along (well I am a lost case)… LOL. Without isolating the other “voices” I tend to jump to the lead vocal and just lose it. To male it worse I have listened DQ about a zillion times and never ever had I even noticed the 2nd background vocals… the 1st and 3rd yes, but that 2nd to me is lost with the 1st… Have I been deaf for 47 years? 😢

  4. Czyżby to była Justyna z Mam Talent? Dziewczyno, naprawdę masz talent, świetna robota 👍 Gratuluję i pozdrawiam 😉

  5. Look, first of all I don't want to sing! I love ABBA music since their beginning, and I remember Dancing Queen since release. But darling Justine, I have enjoyed your video endlessly, because of Dancing Queen, a very much also because of you, your charm, and above all, your voice. I am not any music expert, but I'd say that you do sing this song lover than Agnetha, but it is beautiful. Probably I am wrong (you can correct me), but I believe that you performing gospel music must sound amazing. Great work (very professional one, by the way), thumbs up, an I will keep listening to you (won't be singing, I promise 😀). One day maybe, Abba's "Knowing me knowing you" could be interesting from singing and harmony perspective, just an idea. Regards from Serbia.

  6. You’re amazing!!!! We need more harmonies of Abba please!!! Are so really difficult! Thanks for your talent!

  7. Absolutely loved this tutorial and sing along, so pedagogical and thrilling go go through! Could you do the same ones for Andante Andante, When I Kissed the Teacher and Lay All Your Love On Me? I would love that!

  8. These songs are not for rookies 😂😂 I hope your audience understands…you don’t start your singing learning path with ABBA …try Britney Spears or something if y’all starting to sing gals these songs aint easy

  9. Just discovered your Channel and thank you! Now i finally can try to learn the 4 different vocal parts, as a man..;-) yes in the studio version they overdubbed the voices of Agneta and Frida and pitched them extremely high so you'll get that typical full ABBA harmony sound. Going to discover more on your channel, it's so well and friendly explained by you and love your clear voice (i'm a bass barriton) . Greetings from the Netherlands!

  10. Very good, have always loved the close harmonies of Abba, but they are so difficult to work out. Good analysis. Cheers

  11. An exceptionally well made tutorial to this very hard to learn song! Thank you very much ☺

    Are you on Smule, btw?

  12. When you sing, you´re int he mood for a dance, – it does not sound like the word mood is sung in thecorrect note,??

  13. I'm sure many don't know this song and you wont get any more request do a harmony tutorial on it because it's a Jamaican gospel song, but could you do "Good News" by Kevin Downswell for me pretty pretty please. I've been practicing the higher backing vocals for a while but they're really hard. Thanks

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