How to Organize Your Music Library | Share the Knowledge

How to Organize Your Music Library | Share the Knowledge

Download Mp3 How to Organize Your Music Library | Share the Knowledge

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35 thoughts on “How to Organize Your Music Library | Share the Knowledge

  1. I'm not a DJ, but I am guilty of downloading way too much music like you said. Though, you kinda do have to download them to listen to them, so It's kinda problematic. I often listen on shuffle play or by album, often overlooking some things. The thing that I find best is just downloading entire record label label discographies so I don't have to track down things and can discover things that aren't on streaming services or hard to get your hands on. I guess I could just get a high capacity hard drive to store the downloads before I go through them and add the ones I've listened through to my SD card I use for my library (it has a large storage size and I've only been listening to a downloaded library for a handful of months, so I haven't ran into the inevitable issue of running out of space).

  2. do't download music, that's for teenagers. Buy cds and vinyls, it's a totally different experience, from the search process to giving time and interest to a complete album. Cheers!

  3. You don't look like a guy who could have a problem with organizing your music, I bet you can organize it with 2 folders "Rap" "RnB". I can see your that kinda guy

  4. I try to keep my crates small now.. I'll organize top 50-100 songs per genre by the decades.. I'll update and swap songs by popularity and keep my files down to a minimum

  5. Is it best to just get the Dj intro version of songs (clean/dirty) rather download those and the original song without the intro?

  6. Use AIMP, rate tracks, delete trash. Why AIMP? You can bind hotkeys for this actions and do it whyle music play even without open your libriry.

    Can someone please please PLEASE HELP ME OUT….. Why is it that when I back up my music files from iTunes to another drive some files lose their tag info? I have 8,800 songs and 1,500 of them lose Artist,Album & Genre When saving to another drive. I NEED HELP. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.

  8. This is great advice. As someone transitioning to a new computer, effectively migrating the setup is definitely harder when you're not 100% sure what all is in your crates. 

    BUT (and maybe this is some insecurity talking) it only takes a few times of someone requesting the hottest song and you not having it, for a DJ's crate digging habit to turn into casting a wider net versus quality digging…That mixed with a full time job or other obligations.. it's a balance. I think TLM is right on the money, and he says it himself, it just isn't that easy.

  9. Can u talk about how to structure your actual set? Like 4 hours of hip hop rnb. When do play hits, go to rnb tracks, old school?

  10. how simple was that….for a moment u made me realize how foolish l was for downloading the trash m holding rit now in my folders…..

  11. I do chk my crates periodically, but I don't delete tracks, I push em over 2 my hard drive, U never know when those tracks may come back around

  12. am i being too picky by not having a lot of music though? I have less than 200 songs, maybe it's time to make time for new music haha

  13. i've been purging my collection and it is very time consuming. so take his advice so you wont end up with a bloated library!

  14. In the old days, because a couple songs you liked, you had to buy a vinyl or a CD with a bunch of music that aren't as good as the ones that made you decide to buy them in the first place.
    I like the DJ Pools because you have access to a lot of good musics that are not from mainstream artists and I think this amazing, because I always enjoyed to play something different from somebody else. However, now I am facing this exactly same problem! I realized that I have more music that I can play. I was considering to do what TLM suggest, but I was not sure about that. However, when I watched this video, I agreed with him and I decided to select the best songs out of the almost untreated 2.000 musics that I have and delete the ones I will never use. All the way I used to do when I had to pay for a CD. And I will do this exact same way henceforward!

  15. Thats why i use XtendaMix. It helps me download stuff that i only need and find to be unique. Unique in a sense that i cannot find the same song in my other video pools. Good stuff.

  16. Thanks what i do is i do listen to the tracks before down Loading them and i do categorizes my music by genre for easy tracking

  17. I organize my tracks on iTunes by genre.
    and only download songs i would play.

    i LOVE using iTunes because i can switch dj softwares and my playlist will always be there, plus i can have the songs on my phone to listen in the car and get familiar with new downloads.

  18. This tip is surely going to help me …Thank You DJ TLM. Your biggest fan from India 🇮🇳

  19. @DJcityTV – what DJ pool(s) do you use these days? I was looking at that Trackor S2 or S4 MK3 and wanted to avoid snatching off YouTube 😉

  20. I have a file for the "year" and a subfile called "hitters" where I put the best of them. If it has to be "warm up" I go to the hitters from previous years.

  21. Thisis so true- Im stuck here sometimes- I play Mexican/ latin music as well so _ my downloads are huge- I do find it that I need to delete maybe about 20 percent of unplayed tracks- I just feel If I do- Then on the next gig- I maybe asked to play those tracks- KARMA

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