HD – Paramore – Live In San Diego, CA 5/22/15 (High Quality Audio)

HD – Paramore – Live In San Diego, CA 5/22/15 (High Quality Audio)

Download Mp3 HD – Paramore – Live In San Diego, CA 5/22/15 (High Quality Audio)

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Upload Date : 2015-05-26 00:49:06
Duration : 01:49:54
Source : YouTube

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Paramore – Live In San Diego, CA 5/22/15 – High Quality Audio

Watch in HD and Turn it up loud!

Camera: Sony HX50V
Audio: SP-CMC-2/Battery Box/Edirol R-09HR
Audio edit/mastered: Sound Studio
Video edit and audio sync: Final Cut Pro X
Audio edit/mastered: by jsradiohead

01. Daydreaming
02. Proof
03. That’s What You Get
04. Be Alone
05. Playing God
06. Never Let This Go
07. Decode
08. Part ll
09. Hate To See Your Heart Break
10. Misguided Ghosts (Acoustic Set)
11. The Only Exception (Acoustic Set)
12. Franklin (Acoustic Set)
13. Still Into You
14. One Of Those Crazy Girls
15. I Caught Myself
16. Miracle
17. Careful
18. Tell Me It’s Okay
19. Misery Business
20. Ain’t It Fun
21. Future .

46 thoughts on “HD – Paramore – Live In San Diego, CA 5/22/15 (High Quality Audio)

  1. Es increíble como puede cantar lo que canta, y luego de todo parar y hablar y no estar ni afónica ni agitada….osea, canta y salta y baila y grita, y para y está como nueva…para mí eso significa que el talento de esa vocalista es de otro planeta, tiene de sobra….y bueno, ni hablar de la banda,que son muy buenos músicos,pero hay que sacarse el sombrero ante ese baterista….otro enfermo más…la verdad que es increíble el loco ese…bueno yo amo a Zac pero con el rubio este encontraron a un suplente digno! …ta nada…eso quería decir nada más,sigan con sus cosas 😂

  2. Gracias, amo este concierto. En serio todos sus conciertos son hermosos. 💓😻
    Los amo tanto, Paramore😘

  3. That was so cool! I've never once seen what appears to have been an intentional speakers off moment in a live show. Also amazing how loud Aaron's snare drum was without any front of house going

  4. One of the reason why Im still here in this world because of them. They saved me a lot. Paramore thank you so much. Mwuah 😘

  5. I lost count as to how many times I've watched this vid. Def one of my fav tours. Hayley's vocals are on point!!!! Dangggg 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. This was the same night I found out I was going to be a dad. Best night of my life. Thanks for uploading!

  7. You can really tell the contrast between this album and "After Laughter". I hope Hayley is okay <3 She's amazing here!


  8. Now I know why everyone thanks the people who do this in the comments. Freakin' HARD lol. #yourewelcome

    0:00 Daydreaming
    4:38 Proof
    8:00 That's What You Get
    12:55 Be Alone
    16:40 Playing God
    20:55 Never Let This Go
    24:35 Decode
    29:01 Part ll
    35:29 Hate To See Your Heart Break
    43:00 Misguided Ghosts (Acoustic Set)
    46:32 The Only Exception (Acoustic Set)
    54:00 Franklin (Acoustic Set)
    57:33 Still Into You
    1:02:47 One Of Those Crazy Girls
    1:07:15 I Caught Myself
    1:11:20 Miracle
    1:18:01 Careful
    1:21:37 Tell Me It's Okay
    1:24:24 Misery Business
    1:34:00 Ain't It Fun
    1:40:50 Future

  9. Oh Gosh the end with Future is phenomenal! as the guitars goes down and the drums goes up. It's an amazing musical arrangement!

  10. Boy is Jeremy going to be missed. Especially with the stuff he does at the end of Aint it Fun 🙁

  11. Her voice is fucking perfect AGAIN. I mean, on their 2013 performances, Hayley's voice seems a bit different, nonetheless great. But here, she's really perfect :')

  12. Gonna miss Jeremy so much. He looks so happy on this show. Can't believe he left paramore. But he has his own family now, still hoping for the future of paramore. don't want this to end.

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