Green Day Dookie Full Album Guitar Cover

Green Day Dookie Full Album Guitar Cover

Download Mp3 Green Day Dookie Full Album Guitar Cover

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Upload Date : 2012-12-03 07:44:43
Duration : 00:40:04
Source : YouTube

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31 thoughts on “Green Day Dookie Full Album Guitar Cover

  1. This deserves way more likes and views covering a complete album all at once is hard and tedious even if it is punk

  2. Mate I’ve been following you for years and whenever I’m down or at an playing block (guitar), I always come back to your videos. Nothing better than seeing someone thrashing and having fun. Are there mistakes? Sure. But that’s what Live is about. So fuck all these snowflake pussy bitches that bitch about a mistake.

  3. after this much time put in i hate to let you know that the dookie album was a half step down (tuning) – they changed back to standard as of Warning-American Idiot-and so on ( i could tell thru the song list and 'all by myself' at the end

  4. Everything was perfect, except for the chords in Having A Blast briefly. When it says "explosive duct taped to my spine" you play an F# power chord on the second fret, and when it says "nothing's gonna change my mind" you play a G power chord on the third fred and then an open E chord, I don't wanna be that guy but just trying to help

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