Eminem & Rihanna – The Monster Tour (Full Show @Pasadena, Rose Bowl) 08/08/2014 ePro Exclusive

Eminem & Rihanna – The Monster Tour (Full Show @Pasadena, Rose Bowl) 08/08/2014 ePro Exclusive

Download Mp3 Eminem & Rihanna – The Monster Tour (Full Show @Pasadena, Rose Bowl) 08/08/2014 ePro Exclusive

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Eminem & Rihanna – The Monster Tour (Full Show @Pasadena, Rose Bowl Stadium) 08/08/2014

Setlist / Трек-лист концерта:

Part 1 / Часть 1. Eminem and Rihanna
1. Numb (Rihanna cover)
2. No Love
3. Run This Town (JAY Z cover)
4. Live Your Life
5. Crack a Bottle
6. Won’t Back Down

Part 2 / Часть 2. Rihanna
7. What Now
8. Phresh Out the Runway
9. Birthday Cake
10. Talk That Talk
11. Rude Boy
12. What’s My Name (ремикс Trey Songz’ “Na Na”)
13. Pick It Up
14. Cockiness (Love It)
15. Man Down
16.You Da One
17. Wait Your Turn
18. Jump
19. Umbrella
20. All of the Light
21. Rockstar 101
22. Where Have You Been
23. Stay (только Rihanna)
24. Love the Way You Lie (Part II)

Part 3 / Часть 3. Eminem
25. Love the Way You Lie (с Рианной Rihanna)
26. 3 a.m.
27. Square Dance
28. Business
29. Kill You
30. Evil Deeds
31. Rap God
32. Marshall Mathers
33. Just Don’t Give a Fuck
34. Still Don’t Give a Fuck
35. Criminal
36. The Way I Am
37. Airplanes pt. 2 (feat. Rihanna)
38. Stan (feat. Rihanna)
39. Sing for the Moment
40. Like Toy Soldiers
41. Forever
42. Berzerk
43. ‘Till I Collapse
44. Cinderella Man
45. My Name Is
46. The Real Slim Shady
47. Without Me
48. Not Afraid

Part 4 / Часть 4. Rihanna
49. Diamonds
50. We Found Love (Acoustic and Regular Version)

Part 4 / Часть 4. Eminem
51. Lose Yourself
52. The Monster (feat. Rihanna) .

46 thoughts on “Eminem & Rihanna – The Monster Tour (Full Show @Pasadena, Rose Bowl) 08/08/2014 ePro Exclusive

  1. Mannn I remembered this like yesterday. Had tickets at the pit level and was fuckin amazing!!! Glad I got to witness this in person em and Rihanna put on a great show!

  2. Plus I love how she sing his lyrics , she’s such a fan 🥰 I ship them in my head ;and they’re both my favorite artists like for real for real. They have the best songs together. Ugh! So mad didn’t see this concert fml!!!

  3. I forgot how energetic Eminem was from 2013-16. Like holy hell dude is just running across the stage for an hour and a half

  4. 7 years late to the party and I didn't even realize this was a 2-hour video..
    I was just listening not watching and assumed it was going to be 1 or 2 songs and then I suddenly found myself in the midst of an Eminem/Rihanna concert.

  5. I was at this concert & I lost all my footage and pictures so I’m so glad I get to relive this moment in my life again. Thank you for posting this 🥲

  6. Missy you just put more soul in you music girl ..there's a couple more that I like too but no names gees ..

  7. Em’s best lyric. “They call me a freak 'cause I like to spit on these pussies 'fore I eat them”

  8. I use to have dreams that I was at an Eminem concert. It looked similar to this in one of the dreams. I even dreamt a few times that we were friends.

  9. OMG I went there!!! It was amazing… Eminem was great, but Rihanna was… didn’t really care and she didn’t try too much…

  10. Eminem always take the show to a level of A overwhelming experience of entertainment!!!! BELLA MIA

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