Eminem – Marshall Mathers LP 2 Album Review | DEHH

Eminem – Marshall Mathers LP 2 Album Review | DEHH

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Eminem is back with his 7th album “Marshall Mathers LP 2”. I don’t think this Detroit MC needs an introduction. Check out our thoughts on Em’s latest LP.

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47 thoughts on “Eminem – Marshall Mathers LP 2 Album Review | DEHH

  1. “Em should do his own hooks”

    *next album where Em does hooks.

    “Em shouldn’t do hooks”

  2. Dead end is the right title for yalls channel. Flip flopping as yrs go by. Skipping or trashing more recent projects. Then I've heard your other reviews of other artists & finally got it. You don't know ish about the technical skills that make up a true lyrist and Mc. But keep on trying to fake your way thru. Since yall bout non existent now.

    Yall basically take Jay's words to heart.. yall just skim thru music & don't bother to pay any attention to the intricacies of a track. Weak af. But, hey new yr bout to drop, maybe be you can up your hip hop iq. Love to hear how yall breakdown some other classics like Forever by Wu Tang. Cause it seems like ya hold Em to a higher bar than any other lyrist in the game.
    Which he does, but that don't mean he's still not putting out better ish on 2020 than 99.9% of the other artists out there. Nas is a goat. Love to hear ya react to some if the weak ish he put out for a decade before the last 3 albums.

    But, that's Nas. So yall can't knock him, right? 4.44, was trash. But God forbid ya take shots at Hov.

    I remember now why I unsubbed… it's like asking my 15 yr old daughter breakdown lyrical abilities

  3. Groundhog Day and wicked ways were the only two good songs of the album
    In my opinion
    Fuck your opinion not interested on read anyone else’s

  4. These lame ass people don't realise that Eminem got a lot of fans from Recovery. And songs like survival have more replay value then all other songs due to the fact that it's motivational. Can't listen to superman, without me everyday, but surely I can listen to survival. Fuck them

    And Bad Guy is a masterpiece. It also have replay value thanks to its last verse! Other verses are just creating the thrill

  5. MMLP2 is the best Eminem album post-hiatus and his 4th best overall. It's a good album. Whoever doesn't like it can fuck off.

  6. This is the first dead end video i saw and how I got introduced to them. Nearly 10 years later and they’re still doing they thing.

  7. My Top 5 Em Projects…
    1. Slim Shady Lp
    2. Infinite (Best Debut Album PERIOD, needs to be remastered)
    3. MMLP
    4. Em Show
    5. MMLP2

  8. Besides one half of Marshal Mathers (first one), Eminem show, 3 songs on 8 mile, couple of songs on kamikaze and side B of mtbmb rest of Eminem’s work is trash.

  9. If em had retired after this album he would've been untouchable in my opinion. But sadly that wasn't the case….

  10. The expectations were too high because of the title. No matter what Eminem did in that album, it would be a disappointment.

  11. Why tf everyone review the non-Deluxe album?? Baby, Wicked Ways, Groundhog Day all make the album so much better

  12. I wouldn't mind another DEHH review outside at some point. Background noise is a little distracting but the vibe is there.

  13. man this video is dumb af
    i can sing every hooks in the world like a clown and make it sounds corny
    these people are clown for sure

  14. Gonna have to replay this… cause mike seems to have my same opinion on most em albums… and I didn't fuck with the mmlp 2 to tuff..

  15. I’m glad this album is getting more acclaim years after it dropped. I see this album consistently in the top 3 or top 4 of Eminem albums and it deserves that high spot

  16. At this moment the channel had the same number of subscribers as the number of views of this vid

  17. I feel The Marshall Mathers LP is it’s own album. He should not have called this The Marshall Mathers LP 2 as there are not Dr Dre beats, only one skit and a few pop collaborations. It was a decent album but I if it had Dr Dre beats and more skits, it would have been a better album. It would have been equivalent to the first Marshall Mathers LP

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