Download Mp3 Naruto Shippuden OST I – Experienced Many Battles

Download Mp3 Naruto Shippuden OST I – Experienced Many Battles

Download Mp3 Naruto Shippuden OST I – Experienced Many Battles

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Upload Date : 2018-08-24 18:57:08
Duration : 00:01:52
Source : YouTube

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32 thoughts on “Download Mp3 Naruto Shippuden OST I – Experienced Many Battles

  1. Experiend:one who has learned by doing and seeing things.
    Reign:peirod of rule
    Stariner:cloth or net used to keep water clean.water is poured through it and all the dirty things in the waters stick to the staringer while the clean water comes through.
    Missionaries:people sent out to preach relijons
    Order:a group of preist
    Edict:a order or Offical statement
    Issued by an auturity

  2. You see jiraiya trusts you completely orochimaru, so much so that it would even stop you in its tracks.
    Tsunade in the second great ninja war

  3. Onoki: But WHY?! Lord Hashirama said…

    Madara: There is no alliance you will simply bow down to the hidden leaf

  4. “Shinobi history consists of all sorts of ninja’s life and deaths! Many ninjas taught me what it means to be a shinobi. The pain and sadness of death. The tragedy of war and not only that. They taught me the joy of being accepted and being loved. The way they lived and the way they died. Made me who I am. They taught me and trusted in me.”

  5. I don't know how many of you noticed that members of Team 7 have different hair colors:
    Naruto- yellow
    Sasuke- Black
    Sakura- Pink
    Kakashi- White

  6. They better have this song back in boruto at least once.
    ….maybe if one of our old cast dies?

  7. The loved infant
    The lonely child
    The misunderstood dreamer
    The tenacious student
    The empathetic boy
    The faithful friend
    The heir of the Will
    The legend, Naruto Uzumaki

  8. Hinata crawling trying to reach Naruto and remembering every time he encouraged her, inspired her and stood with her. “Stop.. don’t come Hinata” Naruto said. She finally reached Naruto. “I don’t understand. Why someone weak like you try to resist? Why keep fighting knowing that you’ll die?” Pain said while observing the situation. Hinata touched the rod on Naruto's hand while she is trying to remove it she said the same exact words Naruto used to say “I stand by what I say because that’s my ninja way” Hinata said while hearing Naruto’s voice in her mind saying it. …

  9. After finishing naruto in boruto when i hear this song i am crying that naruto seris is over , we have come to the end Naruto has become hokage and Naruto has less screen time than tenten 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  10. This song should be an official internation theme for graduation played when the final speech is being done

  11. "Those who break the rules are scum but those who abandon their friends are worse than scum"
    -Obito Uchiha

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