Download Mp3 KAMIKAZE Review! what an album! we love angry eminem

Download Mp3 KAMIKAZE Review! what an album! we love angry eminem

Download Mp3 KAMIKAZE Review! what an album! we love angry eminem

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Upload Date : 2022-05-11 04:50:02
Duration : 01:03:13
Source : YouTube

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revival review:

the ringer “cover”:

last one standing (where we reviewed venom):

time stamps:
0:00 Intro
1:46 The Ringer (rapping to it)
5:26 The Ringer (talking about it)
12:31 The Greatest
15:30 Lucky You (ft Joyner Lucas)
19:51 Normal
24:36 Stepping Stone
29:32 Not Alike (ft Royce da 5’9’’)
34:46 Kamikaze
37:02 Fall
49:40 Nice Guy (ft Jesse Reyes)
55:22 Good Guy (ft Jesse Reyes)
59:46 Venom and outro

27 thoughts on “Download Mp3 KAMIKAZE Review! what an album! we love angry eminem

  1. Not that anyone asked..
    Eminem compared Trump to "The Thing" (a marvel superhero in fantastic 4 movies ) .. saying both have orange skin. Charlamane's criticism was "the thing" isn't technically orange (which is nitpicking and isn't that big a deal or that important of a detail and has nothing to do with the whole point of the cypher) . Hence the shoutout to colour blind ppl who don't see colours like normal ppl do.

  2. Who doesn't luv anger eminem that when he at the best, one of my favorite top five albums all times

  3. Regarding Tyler, he tweeted that walk on water was trash and Em had just invited him and Earl on a tour and they were friends backstage then Tyler started going on interviews trashing Em and Earl said anyone that listens to Em drinks to much mountain dew,.shitty behaviour from people who had just spent a lot of time with Em and said nothing to him, also Em said in his lyrics "I see why you call yourself a f****t " as Tyler has tweeted that about himself but this was Em's response to anyone who had something negative to say about him but when he fired back all the media and haters were saying he's tob angry and needs to let things go but he says nothing until people start bad mouthing him so no Sina, I don't believe he's really sensitive, he said in the sway interview that he won't be everyone's punching bag without him firing back. The difference with Em is he doesn't run to social media and whine on interviews, he puts everything in his music, this dude has had the US government, media and other rappers and so-called celebs trying to shut down his career because of his lyrics but disregard a lot of rappers who have said some of the same stuff, they are still trying to downplay his career and achievements today but he's the biggest rap artist in.the world still and if people of colour didn't listen to him why is he the no.1 US rapper in Africa and a lot of the majority of P.O.C countries. I'm surprised that he isn't more angry about the disrespect he gets in the US as the rest of the world loves him, apologies for the long comment but Sina seems to use words like hate, trash and pick out punchlines etc about Em only, I have watched all your videos and there is nothing on the scale of critique that Em gets that is given to any other rapper's song on this channel and I've been here since your first video in the car when the album dropped and Skylar's fiancee and Illa reached out to you but I doubt Em ever will as he would've paid attention to the difference in standards that the others are held to but he's been in the rap game for 25 years and he knows that he'll never get credit for his longevity ( Premonition ).

  4. So I managed to watch the whole thing after a week full of work and yooooo I loved this.
    I still remember when he dropped it out of nowhere! I had an exam two days after and of course I just flunked it because I spent every minute listening to Kamikaze lol
    Only song I didn't really enjoy at first was Nice Guy, but it really grew on me. Ringer, Fall and Lucky You are my go to, those are perfect.
    My favorite line in the whole album is from Stepping Stone though when he says
    "By the time you reign is over you'll hardly be missed", where he was talking about drops (water and music) and reign > rain, missed > mist. Just crazy writing 🤯
    Of course the reaction was crazy, you are funny as always and the insights you give are the best! Great to see you back 💕🔥

  5. Bon Iver done the hook and when he got a little backlash for it he flipped and said he asked to get it taken off but once you've done a feature for someone's album you don't own the rights to it anymore as he was paid a substantial amount to do it and buckled under the twitter freaks who hate Em so why would Em bow to sjw and take it off and Bon Iver apologised to Em and said he shouldn't have ran to social media as he had the ability to reach out to Em but chose not to I understand why Em left his vocals on the track as he must be sick of these clowns who run to social media instead of being an adult and speaking to Em as all the disrespect for Em is coming from mainly racist fools who will never hold their favourite artists to the same standard that they try and hold Em to so I think he is getting pissed off with it.

  6. Em has had 3 different visits from the secret service to see if his threats to Bush, Clinton and Trump were real, he really thought at that time he was going to be assassinated thats why he made the track called Public Enemy No.1

  7. Good to hear from younger Stan's. I feared the youths ear was corrupted by that mumble shit. My kids find it a bit crazy when I'm driving listen to em. I've got to remind them I'm same gen as em. So been there from beginning.

  8. The rhyme scheme in every song is on the next level. Same top 3 for me as Sina, but shout out to Good guy. To be frank, I didn’t like it much on the first listen, but when I focused on the lyrics and the goddamn rhyme scheme, I was shook. The entire song is made of two rhyme schemes of 3 words each – “two ply for, new high score, two by fours, to my core, you I swore”, and “eight by tens, snake eyes in, grey skies in, date my friends”. It’s simple genius!

  9. I honestly have watched hundreds of Elminem reaction and i gotta say that i never seen someone jams to his songs more than this girl right here and i love it!

  10. I love this album. it made me a fan of his again. because after MMLP2 and the 5 years break he took and then he dropped Revival which I think is a bad album and a huge disappointment, I started listening to and liking other rappers, mainly Kendrick. My fav songs: Lucky You, Not Alike, and Fall. Skips: Normal, Kamikaze, and Nice Guy.

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