Download Mp3 [FULL] Naruto ED 2 -『Harumonia』- Original/English

Download Mp3 [FULL] Naruto ED 2 -『Harumonia』- Original/English

Download Mp3 [FULL] Naruto ED 2 -『Harumonia』- Original/English

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[HD] 『Harumonia』 by RYTHEM ◇ Naruto Ending 2 (Full)
►Original and English lyrics.
Thanks for watching! ~ Merci d’avoir regardé!

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48 thoughts on “Download Mp3 [FULL] Naruto ED 2 -『Harumonia』- Original/English

  1. 나루토4기 엔딩노래……어릴때 집에서 다시보기로 보면 이 노래는 무조건 꼭 다 듣고 껐음 ㅠ

  2. I played this back in 2009 a day before my 8th grade promotion on my way to highschool 🥹 good times!

  3. Eu lembro que tinha o DVD de alguns episódios de naruto clássico e quando tocava essa música eu mudava o tom da voz e ficava como se fosse um cara cantando… Bons tempos

  4. The melody of this ending is etched into my heart forever.
    It was so Extremely beautiful and sweetly sung…. and now is very nostalgic for me… the Japanese strings made me ponder!!
    Ino and Sakura dancing was very sweet and touching!
    The pictures of the main cast falling, and the last was of Sasuke… He was so cool!!!
    Naruto looking back at the end to Ino and Sakura's chagrin was very cute XD
    Ah the nostalgia…

  5. Naruto Ed 2-harmonia
    One piece ed 1 -memories
    Inuyasha -fukai mori
    This song bring back memori 😔 from childhood im 27 years old now but still hear this gold

  6. Aahhhh Pengen nangis dengar Opening end yg ini lagi, Vibes nya Serasa Pulang ngaji Langsung nonton naruto😖😖

  7. Naruto holds a special part in my life its impact is sooo maybe it was growing together with naruto also it was first anime i watched it intoduced me also to amazing japanese songs TErEPASy

  8. This song always remind of my childhood.
    It was very beautiful memories that I had like the melody of this song.

    Still figuring out about life.

  9. Im not ok with putting the world under one person order but more like one or 3 supervisor since there is no god a god should be a person untouchable a person whom nobody can tortur nor doing to him chantage

  10. 요즘 정주행중인데 이노래 뭐지 했음 ㅋㅋ나루토나 원피스에는 이상한노래가많았음.. 좀 이상해

  11. Listening in 2022 ❤️ Brings back so much memories and nostalgic feeling. Me and my dad used to watch naruto together, i grew up watching this anime. I was 10yrs old at the same, now im 21 and my Dad is gone 🙁 Hope we could watch again.

  12. Canción: 🎶"(Sentimos)… Harmonia.."🎶🎶
    Realidad: "Ino puerka!!! >:U" "Frentesota!! >:u". "Ni pienses que te voy a Dejar a Sasuke, Sakura" " Estas celosa porque Sasuke está en mi grupo Ino? >:)"

  13. The 2nd anime song that I fell in love with.
    1st was ready steady go from FMA <3

    This was around when I was just discovering anime

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