Download Mp3 Brave – Ultimate Soundtrack Suite

Download Mp3 Brave – Ultimate Soundtrack Suite

Download Mp3 Brave – Ultimate Soundtrack Suite

Anda Dapat Download Lagu Brave – Ultimate Soundtrack Suite Ke dalam format Mp3 maupun Mp4 Secara Cepat Dan Mudah Dengan Cara Klik Tombol Download Mp3/Mp4 Dibawah ini:

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Upload Date : 2021-03-14 01:00:03
Duration : 00:31:21
Source : YouTube

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(Tracklist in Comments)

13 thoughts on “Download Mp3 Brave – Ultimate Soundtrack Suite

  1. I love this soundtrack! I have really enjoyed exploring all of SuiteSound's music, and this is one of my favs! ♥♥

  2. I don’t know why you call this a bad movie. It has good soundtrack, storytelling and fun characters.

  3. It is kinda cool that we finally have the Brave soundtrack on a single video.😊😊😊
    Have you thought about doing a compilation of just the calming stuff? I think that would be nice

  4. Good tracks with good quality! ✨ Every video is around 30 minutes. Not too long and not too short. Perfect soundtrack channel! Keep working! You make my animation time much adventurous! 🔥

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    00:00 Intro

    00:04 Fate and Destiny

    03:55 Remember to Smile

    06:02 The Games

    07:11 I Am Merida

    09:28 In Her Heart

    10:21 Legends Are Lessons

    12:44 Merida Rides Away

    13:46 The Witch's Cottage

    14:44 Merida Rides Away

    15:39 Mum Goes Wild

    16:30 Not Now!

    19:05 Get the Key

    29:48 Show Us The Way

    21:56 We've Both Changed

    26:21 Noble Maiden Fair

    28:52 We've Both Changed

    29:46 Merida's Home

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