Download Mp3 Avril Lavigne Documentary 2022 "LOVE SUX"

Download Mp3 Avril Lavigne Documentary 2022 "LOVE SUX"

Download Mp3 Avril Lavigne Documentary 2022 "LOVE SUX"

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Upload Date : 2019-12-22 23:00:11
Duration : 00:51:18
Source : YouTube

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Highlights from “Goodbye Lullaby”, “Avril Lavigne” and “Head Above Water”.


46 thoughts on “Download Mp3 Avril Lavigne Documentary 2022 "LOVE SUX"

  1. That's funny she writes the way I do and I'd never want to record a song that can't sound the same live. I don't like overproduced either.

  2. I love Avril she reminds mee of a young Alanis Morissette and I mean that in the greatest respect Like Alanis she has a wonderful awesome voice she's very beautiful and I think her writing skills and ability are perfect for her Fans

  3. Is this all related to that hillsong church rubbish. Another artist plagiarised and ripped off to generate money for the 'church'

  4. Only thing I can say is it brings a sort of heartach to think about all the memories I had have or were able to retain in my mind. I should be joyful but at the same time it's very confusing and disorienting… my dad said I have Neuropathy… society said I have bi-polar depression. I really do not get the point of my existence. Anyways good night, the they were the first to try to explain to me to try to flow, I flow a lot of random thoughts, but never seem to remember shit…

  5. I guess I should be happy that I get to see all these wonderful performances online, yet have you experienced the exhilarating rush when you attend events your excited and passionate about? I remember going to electric daisy carnival in late 90' in Los Angeles coliseum; it's an awesome event on its own, but there was a secret the event coordinators turn the stage to a shape of a giant guitar, you have to be at a high vantage point in the arena to see it all. Till this day I still have flash back of the breath taking view when your right in the middle of it all…

  6. Wow, qué belleza nos espera del otro lado.
    Avril como Ejemplo de Belleza Futura

  7. I’ve loved Avril since day one. She is just in her own lane and has evolved nicely over the years with her sound. I’m excited for the new album.

  8. I used to love Avril during her 'Let go' and 'Under my skin' period. Then she came out with her third album and I thought 'pardon? What the fuck?' and felt really, really disappointed. She'll never admit it publicly but she probably knows that 'Girlfriend' song is absolute crap.

  9. There's something about her teeth that makes her beautiful, the way they are a little crowded and a couple of canines are quite prominent, and the fact that they are not perfectly straight fake hollywood veneer type teeth, makes her smile really unique. I always look at teeth when she talks, they're mesmerising.

  10. Gostei foi documentário de Avril – ela mostrou um pouco seu lado artístico com opiniões além de racionais do se Ego pessoal (muito verdadeira) merece elogios retumbantes e muita atenção!

  11. Avril Lavigne e hoje o maior ícone individual de voz no rock romântico e tem uma voz aguda que não nos faz ficarmos com rejeição! Adoro! Sempre uma requeira fantástica!

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