Download Mp3 Art Blakey – The Jazz Messengers (1956) (Full Album)

Download Mp3 Art Blakey – The Jazz Messengers (1956) (Full Album)

Download Mp3 Art Blakey – The Jazz Messengers (1956) (Full Album)

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Download Lagu album jazz MP3 & Video Gratis, free download Mp3 Art Blakey,Jazz Messengers,1956,LP,Columbia Records,Instrumental Music,Hard Bop,Bop,Jazz,Full Album,Horace Silver,Hank Mobley,Donald Byrd Terlengkap, Mudah & Gratis. Jangan Lupa untuk membeli kaset dan CD Original dan serta menjadikan lagu ini sebagai I-ring / NSP / Ringtones anda.

Bass – Doug Watkins Drums – Art Blakey Piano – Horace Silver Tenor Saxophone – Hank Mobley Trumpet – Donald Byrd Direkam pada 6 April 1956 dan 4 Mei 1956. A1 Infra-Rae 0:00 A2 Nica’s Dream 6:55 A3 It’s You Or No One 18:44 B1 Ecaroh 24:20 B2 Selingan Carol 30:21 B3 Akhir Hubungan Cinta 35:57 B4 Simfoni Hank 42:39 FAIR USE DISCLAIMER: Saya tidak memiliki hak cipta untuk karya seni yang dilindungi hak cipta ini, tetapi berdasarkan Bagian 107 United Undang-undang Hak Cipta Amerika Serikat sebagaimana dicatat oleh Kantor Hak Cipta Amerika Serikat (Undang-Undang Hak Cipta 1976), tunjangan dibuat untuk penggunaan wajar untuk tujuan seperti kritik, komentar, pelaporan berita, pengajaran, beasiswa, dan penelitian. Saya menyatakan di sini dengan itikad baik bahwa saya telah membuat dan mengunggah di sini salinan karya seni berhak cipta ini sepenuhnya untuk tujuan pengajaran dan penelitian, bahwa tindakan saya – yaitu produksi salinan karya seni berhak cipta ini dan membagikannya di sini di Youtube dalam kasus khusus ini – benar-benar nirlaba, dan saya percaya bahwa produksi saya dari salinan karya seni berhak cipta ini dan membagikannya di sini di Youtube dalam kasus khusus ini hanya dapat meningkatkan nilai karya seni berhak cipta ini dan hanya menghasilkan efek positif bagi karya seni berhak cipta ini di pasar potensialnya. .

29 thoughts on “Download Mp3 Art Blakey – The Jazz Messengers (1956) (Full Album)

  1. A great album. Too much music today prevents and interferes with thinking, and is targeted at people with virtually no attention spans. The jazz musicians of this era (shortly before I was born) were intelligent, had depth, and actually played their instruments with heart rather than with synthesizers and other machines.

  2. the 16 people that voted this down; they havent the slightest clue of what good tunes are… the worst part is, they proba!!! never will! I LOVE ART BLAKEY! HE IS A MASSIVE INSPIRATION TO US ALL!

  3. With internet you can listen to art blakey anytime.

    In England then he got Zero airplay. but there were whispers.
    Took me a long time to find him.
    Shit…. he is good.

  4. I love the Hank Mobley and Art Blakey recordings. They were both such dynamic players, hard groove and warm tone. All heart.

  5. I fell in love with this album which prompted me to hear it in my brain day & night throughout my Junior & Senior years in high school. I took trumpet lessons after being enamored by Donald's playing. Switched to alto after the lip callous interfered with my love life. Learned about a year later that I was a better fan than musician and pursued a successful business career! Still love these guys and wore this album out on wax, bought the CD and have played it often on you tube! Sir Jarvis you have the BEATS!

  6. なんかいいなと思うと、いつも古いアルバムだ。なんで現代のジャズマンたちはこうした演奏ができないのだろうか。

  7. Anyone just familiar with Donald Byrd and the Black Byrds, have'm listen to this album. Donald Byrd; one of my favorite trumpeters. Quincy Jones also played a mean trumpet back in the day. My favorite is Lee Morgan.

  8. For that one person who thumbs down on this album , I would be interested in knowing what it is you do not like? No value judgement intended on my part, however, what is it?

  9. Hey Jarvis Many thanks. You've posted a freaking classic right here. Top shelf hard bop by the best , although there have been a whole lot of bests playing in various Messenger incarnations over the years, most of whom can stand toe to toe with any other on any given night. The Messengers have always been a proving ground and if Mr. Blakey picked you, you probably proved it. I truly love this music, these musicians, the ones that came before and the ones on the way. Thanks again Jarvis. Peace & sounds. Cj

  10. sɹǝƃuǝssǝɯ ǝɥʇ oʇ ǝʎqpooƃ sʎɐs ɹǝʌlᴉs ǝɔɐɹoɥ
    tra yekalb guod sniktaw knah yelbom dlanod dryb ecaroh revlis

    Listened to ǝuO oN ɹO no⅄ s,ʇI just yesterday. What a coincidence.

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