Download Mp3 A7X – Hail to the King Album Instrumental

Download Mp3 A7X – Hail to the King Album Instrumental

Download Mp3 A7X – Hail to the King Album Instrumental

Anda Dapat Download Lagu A7X – Hail to the King Album Instrumental Ke dalam format Mp3 maupun Mp4 Secara Cepat Dan Mudah Dengan Cara Klik Tombol Download Mp3/Mp4 Dibawah ini:

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Upload Date : 2015-01-02 01:17:01
Duration : 00:57:03
Source : YouTube

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Download Lagu full album avenged sevenfold MP3 & Video Gratis, free download Mp3 Hail To The King (Musical Album),Synyster Gates (Guitarist),Zacky Vengeance (Guitarist),Arin illejay,the rev,Avenged Sevenfold (Musical Group),Avenged Sevenfold (Musical Album),synyster gates singing,The Rev (Composer),singing,guitar,A7X,Hail To The King (Musical Recording),Instrumental (Musical Genre) Terlengkap, Mudah & Gratis. Jangan Lupa untuk membeli kaset dan CD Original dan serta menjadikan lagu ini sebagai I-ring / NSP / Ringtones anda.

All songs are perfect covers with the exeption of one or two.

Get more covers from here

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20 thoughts on “Download Mp3 A7X – Hail to the King Album Instrumental

  1. 1) Shepherd of Fire- 00:00
    2) Hail to the King- 5:02
    3) Doing Time- 10:23
    4) This Means War- 13:51
    5) Requiem- 20:02
    6) Crimson Day- 24:22
    7) Heretic- 29:24
    8) Coming Home- 34:19
    9) Planets- 40:43
    10) Acid Rain (extremely corrupt instrumental lol)- 46:30

    Don't criticize me for not having the last track. at least i helped with 95% of the track! you're welcome

  2. Sounds like this entire album has been done by a cover band. Impressive but I was hoping to hear the true instrumental version of the album.

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