Download Mp3 1959, Tahun yang Mengubah Jazz

Download Mp3 1959, Tahun yang Mengubah Jazz

Download Mp3 1959, the Year that Changed Jazz

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Sebuah film dokumenter di balik pembuatan empat album Great pada tahun 1959. Menampilkan Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, Charles Mingus & Ornette Coleman….. .

31 thoughts on “Download Mp3 1959, Tahun yang Mengubah Jazz

  1. It’s interesting. The Brubeck band were all white, yet I can’t find any black jazzers expressing anything other than total admiration for what they were doing. The love for the music was so unconditional back then, ‘Brubeck is part of the gang’ was the view. ‘So he dips into Mozart? So he should, it’s part of his tradition and he should be proud of it’. There was the odd dissenting view but mostly black artists were ‘well played!’ when it came to Dave Brubeck. He had ‘seriousness of purpose’, so much so that I don’t recall many accusations of racism re the Brubeck band (there was jealousy, the ease with which he conquered the singles chart. There was ‘Goddamit Brubeck has it so easy!’ But nobody questioned his legitimacy. It was quite an achievement.

  2. I had to watch this for my college of my music class and the assignment is Please Watch the Entirety of the Following Documentary:

  3. 19:28
    True joy on that man's face, he saw music and art alone. Not a single care for skin color. Jazz music truly unites all people

  4. I strongly recommend good version of this amazing doc. You won't be dissapointed.. It's not easy to find…

  5. Good documentary, though I would if named all the members of each band. For example, it struck that Bill Evans was not mentioned as the pianist in Kind Of Blue. That to me is unforgivable and a lack of respect for an amazing artist.

  6. This doc is a gem, wish they did an hour to hour and a half 9n each of these albums, so much to absorb here❗

  7. Personally I think Art Blakey's Moanin is a better album that Ornette Coleman the shape of Jazz to come. I wouldn't take that album out of the conversation, I would add in Art Blakey and every bit as good is John Coltrane Giant Steps, also 1959. What the heck was going on in 1959 to have all of these amazing classic albums made. What a story. I feel the same way about rock from 67 to 70. Music will never be like it was in the good ole days.

  8. Morello was a monster. His solo work, perhaps most especially important with school kids, is absolutely amazing! A true educator of the highest order.

  9. So weird, I have never been able to get or enjoy jazz. Gorgeous sounds. Powerful musicians. But jazz always seems to depress me. I’m watching this show to find out if I can become a fan of this music. Again, gorgeous crisp sound, but the ever flowing sound seems to disrupt my rhythmic nature. But I do LOVE the “Take 5” tune! Well, probably because it has a synchronized rhythm.😂

  10. The narrator is the guy that does all the trailers for action films. I hope he doesn’t talk to his gran in that voice.

  11. It's no coincidence that "Kind of Blue" and The Twilight Zone debuted the same year, just sayin'🤔

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