Chillhop Yearmix 2019 ☕️ jazz beats & lofi hip hop

Chillhop Yearmix 2019 ☕️ jazz beats & lofi hip hop

Download Mp3 Chillhop Yearmix 2019 ☕️ jazz beats & lofi hip hop

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Upload Date : 2019-12-28 03:00:11
Duration : 02:29:26
Source : YouTube

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To close off the year, here are 2.5 hours of the best chillhop / lofi hip hop
tracks in 2019! What’s your favorite Chillhop track(s) of the year?

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00:00:00 No Spirit – Careless
00:02:38 dryhope – White Oak
00:04:32 Toonorth – Effervescent
00:06:54 Xander – Our Adventures
00:09:35 Ouska – Alive
00:11:57 knowmadic – Faces
00:14:06 Leavv – Driftwood
00:16:46 Aviino – Goodmorning
00:19:08 middle school – Do You Want To Pretend We’re In Love Sometime?
00:21:23 sleepy fish – I Wish It Would Never Stop Snowing
00:24:31 SwuM – Stay.
00:26:32 Tom Doolie – Lemon
00:28:19 Moods – Where I Met You
00:30:35 Swørn – Flower
00:33:08 plusma – Marmots Dance
00:35:33 Blue Wednesday, Shopan – Murmuration
00:38:05 less.people – what will you do?
00:41:10 j’san. – Awakening
00:44:50 blnkspc_ – Quietly
00:47:28 Psalm Trees – Clocks Forward ft. Guillaume Muschalle
00:49:45 L’indécis – Second Wind
00:52:42 saib. – Whale Call
00:56:23 Allem Iversom – 01 Action
00:58:53 goosetaf – Timelapse ft. slowya.roll
01:01:19 SAINT WKND, No Spirit – Sand Under My Feet
01:05:03 Yasper – Good Friends
01:07:41 auv – McCarren
01:10:48 Evil Needle – Moonlight (feat. Venuz Beats)
01:14:00 middle school – The Finish Line (Feat. Mitchel Forman)
01:17:08 Yasper, Louk – The Oldest Man In The Room
01:20:38 Misha, cocabona – Drift
01:22:41 Strehlow – Hibiscus Emoji
01:24:39 junior state – Nice and Easy
01:27:19 sugi.wa – Changing Lanes
01:29:38 Sofasound – Hurt Heal
01:32:25 Philanthrope, sleepy fish – Space Cadet
01:34:45 Kupla – Tiny Sailboat
01:37:14 Ian Ewing – Midnight (ft. Braxton Cook)
01:40:43 sleepy fish – Forgot It Was Monday
01:43:07 Swørn – Sorry
01:45:24 Yasper – Move Together
01:48:43 Shopan – Woodnot
01:52:08 Kyle McEvoy, Stan Forebee – Onteora Lake
01:54:04 C Y G N – Ocean Drive
01:57:07 Miscél – Spring ft. Swørn
01:59:11 Psalm Trees – Céleste ft. Guillaume Muschalle
02:01:28 Dontcry, Nokiaa – Tin Toys
02:03:46 Mr. Käfer – Celebrations ft. Makkako
02:06:20 fantompower – From Nothing
02:08:44 No Spirit – Leaves covered by snow
02:11:43 Montell Fish – jam session
02:14:16 Philanthrope, Moods, The Field Tapes – New Day
02:16:44 Aso – by & by
02:20:34 Moods, Yasper – Sofa Stories
02:23:40 Hanz – Bewildered
02:26:11 sleepy fish – Procrastinating

🎨 Illustration & Animation
Tevy Dubray

Jeoffrey Magellan

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41 thoughts on “Chillhop Yearmix 2019 ☕️ jazz beats & lofi hip hop

  1. I love how we’re all here just for music. I can’t imagine how my life would be without music. Music is love, music is life.

  2. Ahaaaaaa !!! So I'm apart of a lofi community !?!? I'm not the only one who really is addicted to these beats and vibes !!! I'm so IN !!!! Hello from south Texas 😁😁😁😁

  3. I have been listening to this once in a while since 2 years ago, I can't tell how much I love this, giving me meaningful moments every night.. Thank you, for such great thing..

  4. I remember when this came out. December of 2019. The world was a lot different then. Man was it…

  5. Thank you for this pleasantly relaxing, restful listening and viewing experience👏. Your cafe scene is a wonderfully detailed and well-lit creation, and the accompanying music brilliantly complements it👍!

  6. 3 years and everyone is kind in this comment section, I wished we could all meet, but we can still all be friends right here. All of you in this comment section as well as the person reading this right now are great. If you have stumbled here you either are here for great music or are going through a tough time and All I want to say is that the storm comes before the calm. You must first endure this pain to become greater. Remember, nothing happens without a reason. Keep on fighting, I'm rooting for you.

  7. Even though I'm 2 years late😅This has to be one of my favorite mixes of music. It always makes me feel chill while studying!


  9. Wow, that's a great video. I will always cheer for you in Korea I'm looking forward to a great video. Have a nice day.

  10. I don't want much for my birthday. I just want the person reading this to be healthy, happy and loved. Wishing you a good day!

  11. Yasper, Louk – The Oldest Man In The Room — me checking if i accidentally open final fantasy xiv

  12. Idk why, but after hearing this for 3 years, Junior State – Nice and Easy (1:24:38) just hits differently now. Especiallly towards the end of it (1:26:20). It's crazy. 🥰

  13. My favorite chillhop song is contained in this mix, Faces by Nomadic. Im also in love with "Space Cadet" by Sleepy Fish and Philanthrope

  14. I listen to this almost every week! It really helps me focus on my work throughout the day! Thank you for this amazing playlist!

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