Black Sabbath – Born Again  (Full Album)

Black Sabbath – Born Again (Full Album)

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Upload Date : 2021-06-06 17:16:30
Duration : 00:41:47
Source : YouTube

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7 thoughts on “Black Sabbath – Born Again (Full Album)

  1. I have been a Sabbath fan since 71 when I got Master of Reality.
    In 83 I got Born again. Put it on and was assaulted by the worst Sabbath song ever.
    Trashed is trash, Just what were they thinking. This piece of crud is not good enough to be a b side of a b side.
    I ploughed on and at the end of this abomination, I discovered an album that in my view is amazing.
    Christ alone knows why they put this piece of crud as an OPENER??

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