Bee Gees Official Story: This Is Where I Came In

Bee Gees Official Story: This Is Where I Came In

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Upload Date : 2022-03-22 00:00:31
Duration : 01:57:47
Source : YouTube

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Chapter 1 In The Beginning
1 Lollipop
Chapter 2 B.G.’s (14:00)
2 Time Is Passing By
3 My Old Man’s A Dustman
4 Three Kisses Of Love (17:45)
5 Wine And Women (19:41)
6 Spicks And Specks (22:15)
7 New York Mining Disaster (27:26)
Chapter 3 To Love Somebody (29:41)
8 To Love Somebody (30:43)
9 Massachusetts (35:00)
10 I Started A Joke (36:40)
11 Words (39:33)
Chapter 4 Lonely Days (42:21)
12 How Can You Mend A Broken Heart (51:25)
13 Run To Me (53:08)
14 Mr. Natural (55:58)
15 Jive Talkin’ (59:11)
16 Nights On Broadway (1:00:14)
17 Fanny (Be Tender With My Love) (1:02:01)
18 You Should Be Dancing (1:03:01)
Chapter 5 Saturday Night Fever (1:03:15)
19 Stayin’ Alive (1:04:52)
20 Night Fever (1:05:05)
21 How Deep Is Your Love (1:07:17)
22 Too Much Heaven (1:10:12)
23 Tragedy (1:10:59)
Love You Inside Out (1:12:55)
24 You Should Be Dancing
Chapter 6 Wind Of Change (1:17:47)
25 Guilty (1:18:18)
26 Heartbreaker (1:18:48)
27 Chain Reaction (1:19:22)
28 Islands In The Stream (1:19:49)
29 Living Eyes (1:20:57)
Chapter 7 Ordinary Lives (1:24:32)
30 You Win Again (1:25:00)
(Our Love) Don’t Throw It All Away (1:26:05)
Wish You Were Here (1:28:34)
31 One (1:29:23)
32 Kiss Of Life (1:34:13)
Chapter 8 Immortality (1:39:50)
33 Alone (1:40:02)
34 Immortality (1:41:35)
35 Gotta Get A Message To You (1:43:54)
36 Too Much Heaven (1:44:26)
37 Jive Talkin’ (1:45:13)
38 Spicks And Specks (1:45:58)
39 Paying The Price Of Love (1:47:16)
Chapter 9: End Credits (1:58:28)

The complete DVD music documentary of The Official Story of The Bee Gees: This Is Where I Came In review: There have been a lot of durable family groups in popular music over the years, but it would be hard to name one that has lasted longer, and succeeded as consistently, as the Bee Gees. Barry Gibb and his younger twin brothers, Robin and Maurice, were making TV and radio appearances in Australia as early as 1960 before returning to their native England and joining the Beatles-led British Invasion, and they’re still at it more than 40 years later. All of that is duly chronicled in this two-hour documentary (produced in 2000), along with a great deal more: the personal problems that led to a breakup in the early ’70s; the unparalleled success of the Saturday Night Fever era; their occasional missteps and failures (e.g., the abominable Sgt. Pepper movie); the rise and tragic fall of brother Andy; the respect their success finally earned them in the ’90s; and so on.

Interviews, photos, home movies, and concert footage all contribute to a straight, chronological telling of the Bee Gees’ tale. But no stone is left unturned, and the Gibb Brothers (not to mention everyone else who’s interviewed) have plenty to say. Best of all, there’s lots of the Bee Gees’ music, including a video of the title track of the 2001 album, after which the film is named. In the end, we’re left with the impression the Bee Gees would probably want us to have: that these guys have written, recorded, produced, and performed literally hundreds of great songs. –Sam Graham
The Official Story of The #BeeGees complete, 2-hour movie.

9 thoughts on “Bee Gees Official Story: This Is Where I Came In

  1. Hi Cal Vid
    Can't thank you enough for this amazing documentary. "Massachusetts" 1967/68, sounded from my box radio, bought the single and I was hooked, for good.
    Andy, Maurice and Robin: Rest in peace, we miss you so very much.
    Take good care of brother Barry.
    Bee Gees fan forever ☮️❤️🎸

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