Adele "30" Reaction + Review (SHE'S BACK!!)

Adele "30" Reaction + Review (SHE'S BACK!!)

Download Mp3 Adele "30" Reaction + Review (SHE'S BACK!!)

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Upload Date : 2021-11-20 04:23:42
Duration : 00:37:22
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Adele’s latest album is truly wonderful in my book. Such solid music and worth the wait. Let me know your thoughts/favorite songs in the comments! Track list is below.

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Strangers By Nature: 2:45
Easy On Me: 4:26
My Little Love: 6:29
Cry Your Heart Out: 9:17
Oh My God: 11:39
Can I Get It: 14:18
I Drink Wine: 16:06
All Night Parking: 19:13
Woman Like Me: 20:35
Hold On: 22:58
To Be Loved: 25:55
Love Is A Game: 29:39
Initial Review: 33:34

34 thoughts on “Adele "30" Reaction + Review (SHE'S BACK!!)

  1. You should watch hey interviews with Apple and Oprah. It makes you understand the songs as she wrote them and as they made them into the art she released. Great reaction video.

  2. One of my favorite albums the songs that are more easy going the lyrics are deep she want u to hear what she saying

  3. You absolutely HAVE to listen to Friends That Break Your Heart by James Blake. It's such a beautiful album

  4. Okay please Listen and Understand

    I Love Me some Adele LADY BOSS HERSELF.

    My reason for my comment is this One Little thing

    FUCK !!!!!!!.

    everybody is dogging the Shit outta this..

    Sheeeeesh Man, Not everybody is That Damn Sad. Brighten your damn fucking day. Go Outside, see the Sunshine or Sun Set.

    Get your Emotions intact, Regulate yourself.

    Look at Yourself in the Mirror and Say this to yourself..

    Im Happy
    Im wise
    Im graful
    Im passionate
    Im the shit
    Fuck these haters.
    I Got Me..

    Aiight Suck up your sorrows.

    Now stop playing that shit, its DEPRESSING

  5. I just LOVE your beautiful reaction Shelby ❣️😍 You look sooo fine🥰❤️🌹🌹🌹and I really appreciate that you care about us and add the timestamps! My absolute favourite one IS.
    I DRINK WINE🍷💯🔥and OH MY GOD🙏and also CAN I GET IT, WOMAN LIKE ME and of course TO BE LOVED❤️

  6. i just adored your reaction…I am sorry I didn't catch this right away. I hope you see this. I would love to hear your thoughts on Pentatonix…they are my go to for my chronic pain and anxiety issues and they calm it down. But I adored this album from Adele. I heard Adele years ago and forgot about her until this reaction so thank you for that gift. Might I see you react to Pentatonix's cover of "The Prayer"? I would be grateful. I subscribed with the hope I see you again soon!!!

  7. The whole album is for her son when he gets older, although she did manage to diss her ex in Woman Like Me. haha

  8. WOW!!An absolute master peice. Brilliant song writing and production with amazing God given vocals.This will be massive.

  9. You should react to Mercurial World by Magdalena Bay, I’ve been OBSESSED with it since I heard it, it is a synth-pop masterpiece honestly! 💖

  10. beautiful woman reviewing a beautiful album <3 adele is the GOAT… love for you to review Vows by Kimbra… <3

  11. This album is a masterpiece. It's literally going through her journey with her through the divorce and adjusting to single life (middle upbeat but lyrically sad songs) and then to the self accountability to round it out. My God

  12. I've gone through your channel and noticed you've yet to listen to Brent Faiyaz Sonder Son………….

  13. Please listen to 30/90 from tick tick BOOM, its a new musical film that came out on Netflix and it bangs!!!🔥

  14. Do u hate Taylor’s Music
    Cuz I’ve never seen a reaction to folklore or evermore
    They’re two alternative gems you don’t wanna miss it
    The best lyrical albums ever made since the 80’s

  15. I love Adele and loved this vid! Also please could you react and review Little Mix's new album 'Between Us' (it's their 10yr hits album)

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