80s Retro Synthwave MIX – Miami Vice // Royalty Free Copyright Safe Music

80s Retro Synthwave MIX – Miami Vice // Royalty Free Copyright Safe Music

Download Mp3 80s Retro Synthwave MIX – Miami Vice // Royalty Free Copyright Safe Music

Anda Dapat Download Lagu 80s Retro Synthwave MIX – Miami Vice // Royalty Free Copyright Safe Music Ke dalam format Mp3 maupun Mp4 Secara Cepat Dan Mudah Dengan Cara Klik Tombol Download Mp3/Mp4 Dibawah ini:

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Upload Date : 2021-05-08 23:00:22
Duration : 00:50:47
Source : YouTube

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Download Lagu no copyright background music MP3 & Video Gratis, free download Mp3 karl casey,cyberpunk,whitebat,dark electro,midtempo Terlengkap, Mudah & Gratis. Jangan Lupa untuk membeli kaset dan CD Original dan serta menjadikan lagu ini sebagai I-ring / NSP / Ringtones anda.

These tracks are 100% copyright safe to use in your visual projects, just credit “Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio” when you use them. Subscribe and hit the notification button for more free music in the styles of cyberpunk, darksynth, synthwave, metal and more!

Artwork is from Miami Vice.

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1. The Saga – 0:00
2. Nightscapes – 3:50
3. The Showdown – 8:03
4. Floating – 11:20
5. Empty City – 15:32
6. Miami Sky – 19:38
7. Heart of Night – 23:40
8. Countach – 27:18
9. Hackers – 31:08
10. The Traveler – 35:04
11. Arcadia – 39:28
12. New Beginnings – 43:01
13. End Credits – 46:11

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1. Can I use this in my video/stream/film/game/project/podcast etc.?
– Yes, my music is 100% copyright free so you can use it in ANY creative project, just credit me “music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio”. What you CANNOT do is take my music and redistribute it as a product.

2. How do I credit you?
– “Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio” is fine. You can put the song title too if you like.

3. Can I record vocals on your music and upload to Spotify, Apple Music etc.?
– No.

4. Can I use your music in videos/projects that are monetized?
– Yes.

5. Why did I get a copyright claim when using your music?
– It is either something else in your video, FB or Twitch being stupid and overly sensitive with their copyright detection software, or someone is making a fraudulent copyright claim on my music. Simply dispute the claim as you have full permission from me to use my music! .

33 thoughts on “80s Retro Synthwave MIX – Miami Vice // Royalty Free Copyright Safe Music

  1. man you are a great artist! I have just discovered and heard many of your videos and I just love the way you mix!

  2. 3:50 whats the name cuz i want this on spotify and because i LOVE IT, all the smooth and fresh beats make it so cool to listen to.

  3. Karl, thank you for what you do. Your stuff is pretty much always the background of my digital sculpting streams, and I sincerely thank and appreciate you for what you do here. <3

  4. A lot of this is reminiscent of an old game from the early 90s called Turrican. Really love the tracks!

  5. This is amazing! I'm going to do guitar improvs to these and credit you in every single one my friend. Love it!

  6. This came on accidently when I was playing Elite Dangerous, a space sim, it was soooo dope man rockin about the galaxy with this playing in the background. Cheers!

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