4D With Demi Lovato – Guest: Chaz Bono

4D With Demi Lovato – Guest: Chaz Bono

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Demi sits down with actor and trailblazer Chaz Bono to discuss identity, Chaz’s transition, and his fascination with cults. This episode contains content relating to substance abuse, which may be triggering for some. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, visit samhsa.gov for free information and support.

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46 thoughts on “4D With Demi Lovato – Guest: Chaz Bono

  1. My middle child is a hermaphrodite, born with both sex's, although it wasn't evident, until she was about 30, looking from the outward appearances like a male. A deadly ovary infection lead to the truth, and made a lot of sense. I call her my twice blessed. 💜 I remember Chaz on his parents TV show. Very proud of everyone!

  2. Great day in the early day, 10:33 A.M.; so far 😀 as I know, J.Demian fits just as fine 🙂🙄 a primary 🙄😀 Demetria Demianna "Christ Deva" D.Dovea Efird Treia Kamala Demi Lovato 😳🙄🤣🤔 "Lovevato Ditto"!.

  3. I always looked up to Chaz. His story was just like mine and I identify personally with a lot of his story (especially when it came to lesbians). I met my now best friend before I started transitioning and he gave me outlet and contacts I needed to be able to start my journey. I’m very thankful for my friend (also a trans dude) and people like Chaz that gave me the courage to start that process 🙂
    Thanks for being awesome and doing these videos Demi. It’s really awesome to see

  4. Wow! This touched my soul. This is beautiful Sending love to Chaz💙🤍
    And you too Demi,
    Ps we have the same name lol

  5. When I see him and look at him I can never believe that he was a girl before, something so strange !!! But the beautiful thing is that he is very kind and respectful, and that's what made me love his personality ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. Chaz Bono RT'd me back in the day. I called every week to keep him on DWTS!! I was #teamraja and I loved supporting him. I need to be updated on his life thank you for interviewing him Demi! Love you!

  7. You need to interview Elliot Page! I would love to here his story about being trans!

  8. I remember watching that variety special Chaz mentioned, super interesting to hear his personal insight after the fact. Love his AHS performances 💘

  9. Just watched Becoming Chaz and was curious to see how he was doing these days. Thanks for this interview! Hope to see him in more roles.

  10. Love Chaz Bono! What a sweet person.
    Great interview. If you listen really closely, you can hear Sonny Bono in Chaz Bono’s voice. They sound a lot alike

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