1 Hour of Royalty Free Horror Music

1 Hour of Royalty Free Horror Music

Download Mp3 1 Hour of Royalty Free Horror Music

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Views: 168050 x
Upload Date : 2019-10-19 02:44:00
Duration : 01:03:39
Source : YouTube

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Get these tracks in HD right here:

Video Playlist:
00:00 – Deafening Silence (Suspenseful Horror Music)
05:03 – Alone With Your Voices (Suspenseful Fantasy Horror Music)
12:02 – Before The Invasion (Sci-fi Horror Music)
14:44 – Fragments (Neoclassical Dark)
18:06 – Eulogy (Creepy Sad Viola & Piano)
21:23 – Last Man Standing (Electric Guitar Horror Music)
24:36 – Find A Way Out (Sad Suspenseful Creepy Music)
26:37 – Stalker (Action Suspense Music)
29:17 – Lake of Lasting Agony (Fantasy Thriller Music)
31:54 – The Doomed And Infected (Horror Doomsday Music)
34:28 – Smothered (Melancholy Thriller Music)
37:54 – Recurring Vision (Horror Fantasy Dramatic Music)
40:38 – Pandora’s Night (Sinister Horror Fantasy Background)
43:50 – Settle The Score (Tenseful Horror Fantasy Music)
46:37 – Unnatural (Horror Fantasy Action Music)
49:01 – The Reason For Haunting (Suspenseful Thriller Music)
53:22 – Cold Cold Cemetary (Horror Halloween Music)
56:47 – Final Serenity (Haunting Choir Dark Music)
1:00:19 – Poltergeist (Percussive Horror) – Bonus Track

This is a collection of royalty free #creepy #horror #music
These tracks can be used in your projects for free. You can download High Quality versions of these tracks on Bandcamp, Almost all of them for free!

You can also download the entire album including these and a few other dark tracks for €5,-, which goes a long way in helping me to keep creating these #royaltyfree tracks!

Listen to Ghost Stories Incorporated on Spotify:

— About Ghost Stories Incorporated —

There is something about dark stories that appeals to us. Noises heard in a house once home to a murdered family. Tales of a mysterious creature spotted in the night. A mind haunted by voices coming from seemingly nowhere. These songs are the soundtrack to those type of stories. Inspired by the enigma’s found in horrorfilms and thrillers.

— Links —

Official Website:
AudioJungle: .

25 thoughts on “1 Hour of Royalty Free Horror Music

  1. I heard the first song in VRChat and loved it. Partially because it sounded a lot like a song from Canaan (an anime) but also, the music itself is creepy yet beautiful. I hope to use it in the future for horror videos if I ever make them. 😛

  2. Hey man, love the passion you put into these tracks. Just wanted to let you know I purchased Deafening Silence (Suspenseful Horror Music), Illuminate (Extended Cut), and Escaping Fate (Loop Version) from your store. I put them into my Short Horror Film project, here's the link if you want to see your work 🙂 Loved the sound it brought to my movie.


  3. Hi! First of all, you're amazing!!! I would like to use your music for my audio drama on TikTok and my podcast and I'll give you credit in the description.

  4. I'm currently editing a youtube video of a horror game, and this music really helps with atmosphere. thank you!

  5. My English teacher is using this music for a play called Nightfall with Edgar Allen Poe and IM the Raven!! I’m so excited!!

  6. I'm in the works of making an in depth analysis on horror video games and this music would be absolutely phenomenal for the project I have in the works. If it's okay I'd love to use this sound track (of course with credit given)

  7. Hi Marc! I made a UI interface for a madeup game project of mine, I used your first song from this video and credited you in the description. Thank you for your awesome music!

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