❥ kdrama ost that makes you cry || sad playlist

❥ kdrama ost that makes you cry || sad playlist

Download Mp3 ❥ kdrama ost that makes you cry || sad playlist

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Upload Date : 2020-08-09 12:22:29
Duration : 01:04:50
Source : YouTube

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Hi, everyone! This is my first ever playlist on this channel. Hope u all like it and give your like, comment, and subscribe. Don’t forget to turn on the notification, so that you can get notified when I upload something new!~

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list :

0:00 Can you see my heart – Heize (Hotel del Luna OST)
3:42 마음 다해 사랑하는 일 – Damsonegongbang (I’m not a robot OST)
7:22 You are my evertything – Gummy (Descendants of the sun OST)
11:17 Forgetting you – Davichi (Moon lovers OST)
14:30 My love – Lee Hi (Moon lovers OST)
18:09 Say goodbye – Song Ha Ye (Hotel del Luna OST)
21:14 My destiny – Lyn (My love from the star OST)
25:04 Is you – Ailee (Memories of Alhambra OST)
29:25 Our tears – Hyolyn (Hwarang OST)
33:47 Goodbye my love – Ailee (Fated to love you OST)
38:03 Don’t push me – Wendy & Seulgi (Uncontrollably fond OST)
41:28 I could live – Kim Yeon June (Uncontrollably fond OST)
45:09 I miss you – Davichi (While you were sleeping OST)
48:28 Sometimes – Zia (She was pretty OST)
52:24 Glass bridge – Savina & Drones (The bridge of Habaek OST)
56:44 Oh my Angel – CHAI (Angel last mission : love OST)
1:00:42 Say goodbye – Kim Na Young (Uncontrollably fond OST)

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27 thoughts on “❥ kdrama ost that makes you cry || sad playlist

  1. I don't know why I'm so unlucky when it comes to love, even in the only one love who makes me feel loved, why I'm always being the second for a past ppl in their lives 🙂 this fkin hurts why always me why?!!

  2. This playlist keep me strong & always be the perfect accompany escpecially while you are study..

  3. When I'm going through hard staff , i feel lyk "yes I'm the main character", cuz no gonna come & comfort me , this is my life 🙁 . I'm always going to make friends but still no one gonna frnd with me . I questions myself "why? Is it any fault with me ?" I started to correct myself even better for them . Then i know for me there is NO FRIENDS in my life , so i left to make friends , it's okay ,my life is like that . Life goes on but it hurts when no one talk with you in cls . My life…😑

  4. 'Can You See My Heart' By Heize always makes me cry. Mostly because of the storyline of Hotel Del Luna. Also the storyline makes the lyrics even more sad 😢 If you are into kdramas, that are touching sentimental, definitely watch Hotel Del Luna. It's on Viki, and now on Netflix. Be safe, and make sure not to use pirate sites!

  5. My go-to-playlist!!! I love that it has no ads. I can listen wothout interruption huhuhu love it.

  6. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA i dont know many sad songs, baby. so yeah i straight up searched sad kdrama ost and played this one. my heart is so broken and i miss you a lot! i hope things get better soon 🥺

  7. salman , idk why i just miss you . youre my first love and i think i can never forget about you even you’re happy with her now.. idk who to talk abt this bcs i know my friends sick of this so i write here.. i miss you so much yeah a lot even you hurt me but i miss you i just miss you nothing can describe how i miss you i miss our old days together being happy but now its over and now it’s goodbye for us just so you know im always waiting for your text 🙂 pls do keep texting me im begging i have no one to talk i really need you i miss you like hell .. i hope you happy with her .. whatever it is i want you to know that i miss you salman so much .. i have no gut to tell you how much i miss you im sorry for everything.. take care 👋🏻

  8. Even though i dont understand a word of what the song is trying to tell,but the tune of it has sadden the bottom of my heart,grateful u did compiled all these best ready-to-cry tear-jerker.Remeber,dont cry too much!or you'll get a puffy eyessss!

  9. Thanks to everyone that typed a lot of quote in the comments, it's such the best healing after every depressing day and full of overthinking. Those comments really build us to growing stronger, moreover with hearing this beautiful playlist. Fighting! You guys deserve a best of bright future as ending in this life.

  10. Actually I’m not here because I’m sad, I’m just here to listen to those masterpieces
    Just wanted to add a small message to you :

    If you want to leave this world, well don’t, even if you feel alone and not loved, they’ll always be a person that cares about you. You just probably don’t see them because you think you are alone in your problems, but remember : you ARE NEVER alone.
    If you think about dark things please tell you this :
    Do you really want to make people that care for you sad? Because when you won’t be here anymore they’ll think for all their life that they could help you and they will think it’s their fault. If you don’t feel good talk to your loved ones, I know it’s easier said than done but I promise, you’ll feel better. If you think nobody loves you well I’m here for you ❤️

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