ВIink-182 Сhеshirе Саt (Full Album)

ВIink-182 Сhеshirе Саt (Full Album)

Download Mp3 ВIink-182 Сhеshirе Саt (Full Album)

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22 thoughts on “ВIink-182 Сhеshirе Саt (Full Album)

  1. I feel like nobody realizes how Depends was and still is an extremely ahead of it’s time subliminal advertisement for us to know who to turn to when we all turn 70s or somethin

  2. When I was 12 I would sneak into my older sister's bedroom when she was out for the night and steal her Walkman, Cheshire Cat, and Weezer's Blue Album and rock out for more than an hour. Then I would put everything back in its place and she still has no idea to this day hahaha.

  3. Nothing warms my heart more than seeing people still listening to Cheshire Cat. Toms best guitar work was on this and Dude Ranch, nobody can change my mind!

    Much love to everyone listening to this

  4. T'was brilling and the slithy toves;
    Did gyre and gimble in the wabe, all mimsy were the borogoves and the mome raths out grabe…

    You may have noticed. That i'm not all there… Myself.

  5. Tried to emulate these guy's sound by being in a band. My band made two EPS, and two singles, and a full length album. Recording was kinda difficult at my house but we did it and our debut album was complete. We also went into a professional studio and recorded one song and thats when i realized i wasnt as good of a drummer i thought i was. The traveling to different venues gave me crazy anxiety and being away from home made me really anxious. Plus the sleepless nights and nauseous mornings made me question if i still wanted to do this. People would always tell me that I'm a one hell of a drummer, but i still have so much to learn. I started learning my rudiments just last year at 29 years old and doing them seriously. I tried practicing 6 hours a day, but all i could do was 2. I still play drums, but maybe just for fun. I guess my dream was just that: a dream. My deepest respect goes out to these guys and any professional musician out there. Wanted to be one of you, but i guess not. Keep Rockin!

  6. I went to my first Blink concert right after this album came out. I was 15. It was a small venue with only about 200 people there. They were opening for some other band that has long been forgotten. This album became the soundtrack and anthem of my teenage years. I wore out my Cheshire Cat CD. I can still recite every song perfectly. I was conflicted when “my” band became so well-known but I never stopped enjoying their music. I recently read about Mark Hoppus and his life challenges including his battle with cancer. Made me realize how much we are all alike and to cherish the things like music that bring us together.

  7. this sounds stupid as f*ck,but sometimes i wished travis played more like scott. like a more simple but straight to the point druming.still love travis,fantastic drummer.

  8. By far thier best album and even though they sold out one of the best punk bands of all time. Also one of the only hard-core punk bands that can actually keep time.

  9. The last three songs are joke songs, and they are the best joke songs blink 182 has ever released, my favorite song is the party song

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